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Star Wars Movie Thread


Ham Solo is a cowboy, folks. Harrison Ford appeared in an episode of Gunsmoke that’s exactly the Greedo confrontation. He wears a goofy hat. That and the fact that he isn’t shooting an alien is the only real difference. Star Wars may not be a Western, but Han is most certainly a cowboy. He’s the reluctant hero who rides into town (or, flies the Millennium Falcon, say, just spitballing here, swooping in at the last moment) and saves the day. That’s why his outfit is generally a cowboy’s. Because. He’s a cowboy.


Nah man, he’s a Ronin :wink:


How many cowboy characters are smugglers? He’s a gangster, a bootlegger, a two bit con in for a quick buck before falling for the protagonist.

He does holster his gun to his leg and he wears a natty waistcoat, so there’s clearly cowboy elements in his character design.


You’re describing what life was really like in the Old West. Han ends with the Western veneer, begins with the real thing.


There were no smugglers in Westerns! There was hardly any police presence, and what there was focused on murderers and thieves. There’s no mob in Westerns. These tropes don’t exist in any Western.

There’s no equivalent of The Empire in Westerns. It’s a lawless frontier, Star Wars is a dictatorship! There’s no faceless trooper, no scary weapon. Not powerful generals. Literally nothing compares to the Star Wars setting.


I’m saying that in the real world, Han Solo space scum makes perfect sense, in the Old West. At the end of the first movie, he has transitioned into Hollywood’s traditional depiction of the Old West, which is the Western.


Much as I hate to get into this too much;


Westerns dominated American filmmaking for decades. A lot of them were crime stories at heart. Some of those crimes were smuggling or involved smuggling.

Han is as much a cowboy as he is a pirate, a scoundrel or a scruffy Nerf herder.


Who’s scruffy looking?


It amuses me that Han’s medal ceremony outfit is just his regular clothes.

But clean.



Same for Chewie


And the Droids, come to think of it.


And that’s Columbo in the background.


Oh, and Chancellor Palpatine, one more thing. Did you sign off on all three sections of Order 66?


“My wife is a big fan of the Mon Calamari opera.”


It’s amazing how buttoning the shirt all the way up makes him look almost terrible. Almost enough to say Luke’s outfit is better…!


What? You never watched Maverick? I don’t care if it was Bret, Bart or Beauregard (played by Sir Roger Moore) in 59-or-so-years of TV and film, the Mavericks were poker-playing, smuggling, horse-trading, game-running cons.

The Empire exists, of course, across the ocean and is called the British Empire. The Mavericks were in the Wild West, a.k.a. Tatooine or similar unpleasant planets. Coruscant is London. It all works.

Get some sleep!



Definitely spaghetti western-worthy…



That’s totally unfair. If Rian Johnston did it, Obi-Wan would have helped eventually, but too late to do much but eke out a phyrric victory. Meanwhile Han and Luke have just made everything worse by not sticking to General Dodonna’s plan.