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Star Wars Movie Thread


Is Soules Vader really.any good? I read and enjoyed Gillens but I’ve never actually read anything if Soules that I’d didnt find thoroughly average and uninspiring.


I’ve really enjoyed Soule’s run so far. Great insight into Vader’s head right after everything went to hell. Col nods to concepts like the Inquisitors as well. Really well written.

The Rogue One adaptation is pretty skippable after the first issue or two. There were some “cut” scenes in those, but the rest is just “Here’s what happened in the movie.”

That Solo mini was awesome! I get why they’re bundling the other story, especially since it’s being released to coincide with the movie.

Phasma was a good story. I was disappointed with the promised “linkages” to the novel, but it went a long way in matching up characterizations and showing the lengths she’ll go to to protect her rep.


Chatter around it is encouraging enough for me to gamble on it.


I’ve been skeptical about this film but this trailer looks pretty great!

“I’ve got a really good feeling about this!”:rofl:


There’s some really good lines in there. Particularly the one about Chewie’s age. The trailer shows off what makes the film a bit problematic though. It’s really hard to have life or death stakes when you know 3 of the 5 main characters are never actually in any danger.


That actually looks pretty amazing.


I have a feeling Lando is going to steal all his scenes.


Yeah, that trailer looks good. Looks like a fun movie.


Which would be appropriate for the best smuggler in the galaxy. :wink:

Yes, I like the look of that. I’ll be there, I hope it’s a huge hit.


There’s some very neat aesthetics and touches in that trailer, film should be fun.


NOW I’m pretty excited about this.


It’s gonna be a great film; I mean, just look at this wonderful cast:


I for one am shocked, shocked that Disney would make sure a Star Wars movie looks polished, professional and has a trailer edited to make it look like it’ll be a must-see movie.

(for clarity’s sake, I have nothing against the Hans Olo movie, I’m sure it’ll be perfectly fine and enjoyable on many levels. Just, you know, this is Disney doing Star Wars. They know they can spend a stupid amount of money up front to fine-tune the product and rake in scads of cash later.)


If the movie is as good as that trailer, I might have a new contender for favorite Star Wars movie.


Lando doesn’t look very impressed with you.


I think if this movie had come out a couple of years ago, before Force Awakens even we’d have been super excited about it. But from watching Rogue One and Last Jedi (and Force Awakens if we’re honest) I think fans are much more dubious.

This really feels like The Lone Ranger. It’s clearly a Western, clearly shot and written and framed like a western with all those tropes (gambling table, whores, one big job, a train robbery, crew of misfits) and Star Wars shouldn’t be a western. And like the Lone Ranger I think it could look great but feel empty and calculated. So jury is still out for me until this is released.


Yup. Trailer looks good, but we will see if the movie actually is.

One thing that’s clear from the trailer is that the acting coach paid off. Ehrenreich is channeling Ford very well there.


Why shouldn’t a Star Wars movie be a Western? That concept sounds pretty cool to me.


That and it was what SW started out as - ANH was described at the time as a space western.


I thought it was a Western?