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Star Wars Movie Thread


Absolutely, NDA’s are standard procedure for everyone on the film, that’s why that article quotes an unnamed source; that person is breaching their NDA.


Although you do feel like Disney might not be too upset this time. :wink:


The NDA here wont be enForced…

I’ll get my coat…




We know at least that John Boyega doesn’t do method, slips straight back into his London accent when off-script. Christian Bale would not approve.



American Christian Bale:

British RP Christian Bale:

British Cockneyish Christian Bale


The thing about Bale’s freakout was that he was in the right, but he was over the top in expressing it.

It’s just not cricket. :face_with_monocle:


So, at the behest of our fearless editor, I and the rest of 1138 gang went to town on insane tweets:


Strewth mate, all sounds Aussie to me!




It’s not really a surprise if you announce it in advance.


“As everyone was expecting, a surprise witness.”

  • The Kentucky Fried Movie


Now that’s funny.


A bit on ‘Rogue One’, from 45 mins and 15 secs onwards.


Ah, this was the thread I was looking for! I posted an article about that in The Last Jedi one :sweat_smile:



So outside of the eternal firestorm that TLJ, what else is going on SW? My hitlist is:

  • Han Solo OHC in May - Should be a must buy given the talk of how good the mini is, but Marvel’s done some dodgy double dipping by bundling Star Wars #8-12, that was already OHC’d. On the other hand, Mark Brooks was on art for the Solo mini.
  • Thrawn Alliances - due in July, set between Rebels S3 and S4
  • I read that and I get Rebels S4 DVD
  • Soule is apparently killing it on his Vader book - OHC1 due October
  • Rogue One OHC - Supposed to be an exceedingly good adaptation - due July
  • Phasma OHC - Shouldn’t be tempted by this, but it has Checchetto art! Due July
  • Aphra OHC - Sept, not a fan of the character but it’s Gillen, probably worth a gamble.
  • Aaron’s final OHC for Star Wars - Might wait this and grab when cheap like OHC2 which I bagged for £12

That ain’t a bad hit list.