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Star Wars Movie Thread


I have noticed that they’ve really been pushing “The Unknown Regions” hard in the ancillary material. It plays a big part in Thrawn’s story, too.

I wonder if if it’s something they’re going to explore in future films (though I don’t think Kennedy or Lucasfilm is looking that far ahead, rather just handing out films and trilogies to directors they like and giving them free reign), or something they’re building up in the novels, comics, and tv series.

I don’t actually like the idea of the Star Wars galaxy having an unexplored region. Hyperspace travel seems to grant the inhabitants of the galaxy quick access to any place, and they seem to have had the ability to travel through interstellar space for tens of thousands of years. This isn’t Star Trek; there shouldn’t be any unexplored frontiers or uncharted parts of the galaxy.


That’s kinda how I remember it being described in the novel adaptation of ep 3 - that he just ate and ate and grew and grew and at some point his legs just fell off.


One of the things that was done previously and looks to have been transferred to the new stuff is that gravity wells can really mess with hyperspace, thus the development of interdictor cruisers.

Where the Unknown Regions are concerned now, the tech babble is it’s weird, twisting space that cannot easily be traversed, even in hyperspace.


Is this the Star Wars you got in Germany, @Christian?


So yeah, I finally watched this… hum… it was rather meh, save a few scenes here and there… the lightspeed thing was a bit overhyped, but it was still nice.

In terms of plot it’s all over the place… too messy and too long for what it actually was. As many others have said, the casino subplot is completely unecessary and felt forced (and a bit too moralistic). The plot itself was actually fairly boring I thought, just some rebels trying to escape the bad-guys, losing even more numbers by the minute.

I did like the idea of both Luke and Kylo wanting to burn everything up and do a tabula rasa, but unfortunately they didn’t follow through with that… Kylo decides to be supreme leader, Rey decides to be a goodie-two-shoes and Luke decides the Jedi live-on with Rey… so they totally chickened out on that idea, and that was the most disappointing thing in the whole movie, cause we’re left were we started, status quo.

So what was the point of the movie again? =/

I would’ve prefered if they’d had the balls to upset the status quo (plus it would’ve justified a lot more the inclusion of del Toro’s character and that whole casino thing), but eh… Other than that, I’m trying to decide if I like it better than the previous one, but I don’t know… and I don’t really care tbh. I’m not a fan and neither of these two movies did anything to change that (nor Rogue One for that matter).

Oh one last thing, I do prefer these less flashy but more realistic combat scenes, rather than the ridiculous CGI-fests of the prequels. I was vastly disappointed in Luke/Kylo’s “confrontation”. Also… wtf’s up with puppet Yoda? looked bad, tbh. And wt super f is up with Driver’s upper body??? And last thing: The porgs or whatever they’re called were just a waste of time… well… product placement obviously, but still =/


Sure, why, was there any more of it?

I’ll embed the clip:

I recognise the host (Ilja Richter); this was a show called Disco. It was a music show where they also did sketches. It was gloriously silly.




Although it still doesn’t quite top this.


At this time, I think we need to be reminded of the essence of Star Wars…


A demo for real-time ray tracing (a technical term for calculating things like reflections realistically), something games have had to fake, but faster systems and developments in programming are finally making possible;

And it’s amusing. :slight_smile:


So they’re getting an ‘executive producer’ credit on Solo instead of a directing one.

I think it would have been simpler to go with:

Director: Ron Howard

(but Lord and Miller shot first)


They need to get t-shirts.


That headline is a bit misleading, and the article is very one-sided. But what I thought was interesting is that there’s obviously an intent to promote a certain version of the narrative surrounding this movie: one that paints Miller and Lord in a poor light, and the studio’s decisions to replace them as necessary, with Howard characterised as a safe pair of hands who immediately got things back on track.

I’m sure there’s a very different version of this behind-the-scenes story out there. I wonder if and when we’ll hear it.


Well Miller and Lord’s version will be different, and they’ll probably speak about it at some point.

But it’ll just be another one-sided account, from the other side.


I can’t wait for hashtag release the Miller and Lord cut


I suspect that the Mouse has everyone involved with the production of the Star Wars films gagged with NDAs.

I wouldn’t expect anyone in the know would be able to say much of anything except the party line.


Shocking that Disney sound so much like the Iraqi Communications Officer.

I’m sure it’ll come out one day just how many media sources are in the Mouses pocket. It’ll only get greater and greater over the next few years. And I wonder if eventually people will see them as Wal Mart or as Amazon.


I know they do. Having a pal that works on the Star Wars and Marvel films at most he can communicate with the occasional nod. I think they have lasers pointed at testicles as part of the induction programme. :smile:


Yeah, that deal just keeps getting worse. :wink:

He does have a Lando-style escape plan, right?