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Star Wars Movie Thread


Can you imagine the balls it takes to design Jabba, this person talked about and imagined since the first movie, and making him a 30ft giant slug? And how brilliantly he was done! They’d fuck it up these days with unnecessary CGI, but it was a bit of genius to cast this terrifying space gangster leader as essentially a useless slug who could barely feed himself or move around.

I think at times we forget just how crazy brave the Star Wars movies were.


I love that some of the SW novels that came out before the ANH Special Edition was released had the Hutts moving around on these weird hover-sleds, because having only seen him in ROTJ, the writers didn’t think Jabba could even move under his own steam.


I remember seeing a making of back in the day and there were like three people inside Jabba making him move.


From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga…Assuming that’s the one you’re thinking of. It quickly assumed legendary status in my house, right alongside the movies themselves. We still reference it. Freakishly often…


re: Hutts

Aaron and Immonen had a fair amount of fun doing a fit Hutt:


What I like about the Hutts is that they’re one of the few gigantic monsters that don’t try and speedily gobble you up. Physically, anyway.


Maybe Jabba the Hutt was just a really obese Hutt and most Hutts are healthy and skinny.


One of the novels had Hutts competing to who could be fattest and slimiest. Apparently their standard of beauty.


I didn’t know the Hutts played Magic the Gathering.


‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Promo Blitz Has Its Brand Partners — Including Solo Cups


The brands taking part in the galaxy-wide promo push are Denny’s Corp, Esurance, General Mills, Nissan, Symantec Corp and — in a natural-born pairing — Solo cups.


Fear not, Star Wars canon fanatics: The movie will not see Han and Chewbacca making a 3 AM Denny’s run in their Esurance-insured Nissan Millennium Falcon while doing a cybersecurity check, noshing on Lucky Charms and slamming warm beer out of a red Solo cup. At least that’s what we hear.








I can see the epic beer pong game where Han wins the Falcon!


My review of The Last Jedi novelisation:

Sadly, this was a disappointment. It’s quite clear Jason gave it his best shot, but his aim was fatally compromised and hindered by the fact he was novelising TLJ. The one thing that would have made it far, far better is more Luke, but that just wasn’t here. I was hoping for a better sense of Luke’s viewpoint, but what’s here is more or less what the film gives us minus Hamill’s killer performance to sell it. In that respect, most of the weaknesses of the film are replicated here.

As to the fabled NR references, either it was a sentence here, another there or they were too damn subtle I missed them completely. (Quite, quite seriously - gimme the page numbers.) In this respect I can recognise that Fry’s hands were probably tied by the lack of knowing whatever is being done in Ep 9, but I still feel it’s a missed opportunity. Especially with regard to Bloodline, this could have paid that book off but doesn’t.

The big success of the book lies elsewhere then - Luke, Rey, Holdo, Poe, Ren, Hux - they are very much as they are in the movie. Where Fry does work a good amount of magic is in character recollections:

Snoke’s musings about the true nature of the Contingency
Poe learning to fly in the atmosphere and orbit of Yavin with his mother Shara, including flying around the Death Star wreckage
Hux recalling that the Jedi used child soldiers - he has the Imperial version
Snoke running through the list of his rivals - Brendol Hux, Sloane, Rax
Luke’s adventures in the decades before were aimed at uncovering the greater truths of the Force
Snoke aided the Empire in the Unknown Regions - that demands to be expanded on, as does the greater truths he claimed to hold and wished to deny Skywalker

These were excellent and hinted at a grander tapestry that absolutely has to be developed further.


What is NR?


Heh, yeah - that was posted elsewhere for a different audience!

New Republic - aka That Which Went Boom (in TFA)


Did you read the expanded edition, Ben?


One of the weirder aspects of this is that there is only the Expanded Edition, that’s it.

I’ve got a few of Fry’s other SW work and it really is good stuff.