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Star Wars Movie Thread


Not really. I had lost interest in the novels and comics by then, though I am aware of the basics: takes place between ESB and ROTJ, villain named Xizor, Han Solo surrogate named Dash Rendar or Talon Karde (I get those two mixed up), and it was essentially a marketing scheme for a non-existant movie with toys, games, and soundtrack albums.


Or, it was SW’ first big multimedia project following its revival with Heir to the Empire / Dark Empire.

Cynic you are.


All together now: “It can be two things”


Zathras disagrees: All is three, and three is one.

Wait, not the one, not the one.


Yes, yes! Star Wars is used to being beast of burden to other people’s needs. Very sad life! Probably have very sad death, but at least there is symmetry!



That additional scene with Han and Jabba in A New Hope that was added in the later cuts was always in the script, and it was in the novelisation back then. So Jabba was always supposed to be a known Tatooine gangster, things just happened differently.


That article covers all that, and has some fun with it.


It’s in the Marvel comic too.


A French graphic designer is claiming Disney’s posters for ‘Solo’ have ripped off his work;


Perhaps he feels he’s being treated unfairly?

(too good an opportunity)


It certainly looks like he has a strong argument.


I was thinking more ‘attack of the clones’.


This designer is my kind of scum. Resourceful and inventive.


Looks like John Williams is planning to leave Star Wars after Episode IX.

Not unexpected really. Hope he delivers something good with his last score.


As long as they never make any more “Episodes” then I think we’re fine.


Heh. I recently read a collection of the old Marvel comics. Now I’ve experienced that scene three different ways. You haven’t really lived until you’ve seen it with the actor. And I suppose watching a hugely disappointing Vader sounding like he’s British, rather than awesome.


From what I have read they never saw any footage for adaptations in the 70s and 80s (hence that Jabba looks nothing like the final version or the man they used in the originally deleted scene). The writer and artist had the screenplay and notes and stills. It’s why a lot of the scenes seem very close but some quite wildly out, like some of the examples here.

On the voice Prowse claims otherwise but they were never going to use his voice and it’s not that it’s British, it’s that he has a thick west country accent that is naturally relaxed, warm and friendly (it’s the same accent they used for the Hobbits in LotR for that reason).


Yeah, but seeing the footage is still a kick. The collection explains how Chaykin didn’t have a ton of access. That would’ve been a very different Jabba! Even the actor would’ve been more intimidating!


Chaykin used one of the background aliens as reference for Jabba. “Mosep Binneed,” he’s named. And, of course, he got his own pegwarming action figure and an lengthy backstory.