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Star Wars Movie Thread


That’s only a bad description because Finn and Poe are the interracial couple, and the poster is misleading.


In defence of the latest Yoda puppet, which I thought was pretty good anyway;


Did people not like the puppet? I went absolutely mad for it, one of my favourite things about the film. I saw his little silhouette show up and my immediate reaction was “No! Star Wars is ruined! Burned the cinema down!” but then when it showed him in full and he was proper Yoda I switched swiftly to “Best Star Wars ever! I give it 11/10!”.

I only deal in absolutes.


Han Solo never did pay back Jabba…



That’s because Leia choked Jabba to death.

Bonnie and Clyde in a galaxy far, far away…



Andy had to shave! image


In the Special-Special-I’m-Done-Messing-With-It-Now-Honest Editions, you learn that Han never owed money, he’s a straight-up honest guy and it was all a misunderstanding.

That’s right after he shoots second. He later volunteers to rescue a princess without asking for any reward. And gives out lollipops to all the Rebel pilots.

What a straight-up guy :+1:





I’m really looking forward to ‘Solo’.


I kind of love this:

So, back to that night at the bar, we did come up with one explanation and it’s the only thing that even starts to make sense, even though it still doesn’t make total sense: Luke, Lando, and Leia never once spoke to each other about rescuing Han. It’s just coincidence they were all there at the same time. Or if they did speak before, they all just said things like, “Well, you know, he was deserting us anyway. I think we should just forget about him,” as they secretly forged their own separate missions.


One thing that sort of bugged me about Han’s rescue is this:

Okay, the end of Empire Strikes Back is really awesome. When you saw it in 1980, you left the theater like “Oh, shit! What are they going to do now? Where did Boba Fett take him? Who’s Jabba the Hutt, and where is his hideout?”

And then, in ROTJ, we learn that Jabba lives in a palace on Tatooine. He’s pretty much operating out in the open. Luke’s even from Tatooine, so he has to know about Jabba the Hutt and where to find him. So there never was going to be some big quest or search for Han. But even then, it seems like a lot of time had passed between the movies. I think the official canon is a year.


Simple. Luke was angry at Han for moving in on his sister.


When I was a kid, I wondered why they just didn’t send a bunch of Rebels, like some kind of black ops commando squad or something, to go in there and extract Han. The palace didn’t look that well-protected, some green pig guards and few other guys in armor. Just send a squad of a dozen or so troopers in there to shoot the shit of the place. As long as he’s frozen in carbonite, there’s no way he could be hurt in any crossfire. Most of the beings in Jabba’s place seemed like junkies who would run and hide at the first sign of trouble.

But instead they go in there with some kind of multi-tiered plan (offer Jabba the droids, give him Chewbacca so a disguised Leia can get Han out, then Luke comes in to Jedi mind trick Jabba, Lando is lurking around in disguise just in case) that suddenly goes south and they all escape through sheer dumb luck. Had R2-D2 not been on the sail barge with Luke’s lightsaber and Lando not on the skiff, they would all be digesting in a Sarlaac right now.


My guess is they didn’t want to kill everyone. And that security was far tougher than it looked. It was really a fortress, and troops could have been killed trying to get in.

So they position Lando inside Oceans 11 style. They offer the driods fully intending to take the droids with them when they go Han, but really to sneak a lightsaber in. Leia thought she could break out at night, but that backfired. Then Luke thought he’d reason with Jabba buy offering money, but that didn’t work either. Ultimately they’d planned for failure, so they went last resort and ended up killing everyone.


Did you ever look at Shadows of the Empire way back when?


I think it’s fairly easy to understand the plan: the whole team enters one (or two, with the droids and Leia’s bounty) at a time, so no one grows suspicious. By the time they’ve gathered in the sail barge and the skiffs, they have every angle covered, and likely knew that exact thing was going to happen. The only surprise was the Rancor, I think, which is probably why we get a preview of it, because that’s a purely impulsive thing Jabba does, unlike the ceremonial Sarlaac execution anyone could’ve heard about and/or seen. I mean, Artoo is literally being used as a waiter. It’s a form of entertainment.

Plus, there’s that elaborate series of nods and acknowledgments, parodied hilariously by Family Guy, the best thing it did out of all three editions. That alone tells you this was completely deliberate.