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Star Wars Movie Thread


I wonder if the fortunes of the Solo movie will determine the future of the standalone movies and the idea of a SW movie every year.


Serious spoilers if you haven’t seen TLJ.



You mean fans do that??? I’ve had repeated assurances that things fans don’t like, they don’t like it because it’s bad! With certainty!



Test your SW knowledge - how much of this post do you follow?

I quite like the idea that the First Order basically set everything up for the most extreme application of the Tarkin doctrine ever, including invasion fleets to do a multiple blitzkrieg a la Operation Shadow Hand and then has nothing to deal with a counter-offensive.

It’s very Thrawn, but the idea that First Order soldiers are psychologically incapable of handling counter-attacks would be quite delicious.


I know what the first order is.


One, one point ah ha ha.


What’s a Star War


Well, a couple of Hollywood stars meet up, get blasted and it all kicks off from there.



My eyes!


What the hell?! Why?!


This is a decent trailer for the TLJ home release. It looks like they’ve included quite a lot of decent bonus material - I’m minded to pick up the Blu-Ray sooner rather than later.

(Spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie yet - this trailer gives away quite a lot of big moments.)



Spending more than about a £8 on home video of any sort is opulent for me, but I reckon I’m splashing out on TLJ on release day, I just can’t wait to see it again.


I figure with a ticket, a munch, and transport it cost me about $30 to get to a movie. Which I then see once, amongst usually smelly people, and the lights go on and people get cranky as soon as the credits hit. And for thirty bucks I shall listen to the music on the big sound system and read yon credits, thank you and keep the lights down.

For $10 and maybe up to $17 I get to watch the damned thing as many times as I wish to tolerate, can fast-forward, rewind and indulge in food and drink at nominal home prices. For me, that works better.

And with HBO, Netflix and (for a couple months 'cause I finally got Comcast to feel guilty) Showtime - plus the danged Olympics and news and such - purchases are rare.


If only HBO played the movies in their correct aspect ratio.


Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.

In film class, I learned when someone says “Trust me!” it means “F^&k you.”

And Aspect Ratio means “Gotcha again!”