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Star Wars Movie Thread


I liked ESB the least when I was a kid because I thought it got boring after Hoth. Now it’s my fav namely because of what Robert says–how well it’s crafted. The characters also come into their own a bit more in it because of better writing.


What tends to get forgotten is Empire works really well, both as sequel to ANH and as part of a trilogy.

ESB on its own? Not so great. Del Rey, thinking that fans wanted more ESB-style stories, did New Jedi Order and it was more or less 10% ANH, 80% ESB, 10% ROTJ - better balancing would have helped it a lot, but such was the perception then of ESB as ‘best SW film ever’.


I don’t see much difference in the direction or editing of all three movies. For me they’re pretty consistent, except perhaps Jedi shows a clearly bigger budget than New Hope (hence why Lucas felt the need to fuck with the re-releases).


I still think Young Sherlock Holmes was fun, but it doesn’t seem all that worthwhile to go into Han’s past. We already have Starlord, right? Now it feels like shooting for second place.



Answered within it’s own article:

Also this guy:

Is an idiot.


Last Jedi is far and away my favorite. Not a huge SW guy, but this one I saw twice in the same week and find myself eagerly looking forward to watching it again at home.

Also had the best light saber fight by far.


Hmm, not necessarily Jim.

In the end the sheer amount of chatter around The Last Jedi convinced me I needed to see despite my reservations over it and that was probably true for a lot of people.

That and the SW aesthetic, on the big screen, still has one hell of a pull. If SW was going to flop, the PT ought to have been it, but the PT didn’t kill SW.

I suppose it could happen if we get the SW version of Star Trek V but until then, it’s still a pretty safe bet in terms of audiences. … Unless a large part of the audience, pissed over TLLJ, refuses to see Solo, but SW fans tend to be, online rants notwithstanding, considerably forgiving towards their corporate suppliers.


We need degrees of scale for Star Wars, like we need them for Marvel. These movies are all massive compared to anything else, but in their own class they have different measures of success.

For Solo I imagine the measure will be if it can beat Rogue One or not.


Oh there’s no way. There was a lot of goodwill heading into Rogue One and a lot of bad will headed into this one, to the point where even if it’s good people won’t admit it. They’re going to need to pull a marketing rabbit out of their hats and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ads start getting very Lando-heavy at some point.


That’s how they’ll put my ass in the seat. :wink:


I think the real danger for Star Wars is that the fan base has balkanized into at least two distinct camps.

You have one camp that is invested in the mythology, and wants to see that play out. (The anti-TLJ crowd)

And you have another camp that rejects the idea of a mythology and wants something “new.” “Kill the past” is their watch word, and they seem to want the franchise to be treated like a series of big, dumb action movies. (The pro-TLJ crowd)

So if Solo covers the big “myth” points of Han Solo like rescuing Chewbacca, winning the Falcon from Lando, and the Kessell run, the "anti-TLJ crowd will probably approve, while the “pro-TLJ” crowd will scream “fan service.”

But if Solo presents some kind of standalone caper that doesn’t cover the big myth points above, the “pro-TLJ” crowd will probably approve, while the “anti” crowd will see it as a wasted opportunity.

As it stands now, both parties seem to be wary of the film.

I’m not really sure how Lucasfilm and Disney can move forward with this divided fan base. On one hand, the “Kill the past” group seems to be the biggest and most mainstream, but the “mythology” group, while smaller, is the one that buys the toys, books, comics, and other merchandise. Currently these two groups are at each others throats and I don’t know if there’s any way to reconcile the two.


Although there’s a third camp that I’ve noticed in regards to Solo that are invested in the mythology but think that overtly touching on stuff like his first meeting Chewie and getting the Falcon, the Kessel Run and etc - all in the same movie - is a bad idea.


I think your evaluation of the fan base says more about you than the fan base itself. :wink:


I agree with all of this and think there is no reconciliation. They took a relatively simple franchise and made it complex by trying to please all parties. Now you don’t know what to expect in a Star Wars movie, which almost guarantees disappointment for most viewers.

I agree with Robert that Solo won’t break a billion. Which is a disaster in the making.


After watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I feel that it might be the best Star Wars movie of all.
The relationship between the weary master and the gifted apprentice would have been a really compelling one for Anakin and Obi-Wan.
Can Ang Lee make one of these Star Wars Stories, please?


You end up torturing yourself when you think of all the could-have-beens in the Star Wars movies.


I would be up for a Wushu style stand alone Obi-Wan film with Ewan McGregor and Ang Lee.


You really need to see TLJ, Jim. I honestly think it takes the franchise back to its roots instead becoming so intwined in the Skywalker legacy ad nauseam.


I can see it in my head already. It’s beautiful.