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Star Wars Movie Thread


Revenge of the Sith
Attack of the Clones
Return of the Jedi
The Empire Strikes Back
A New Hope
The Phantom Menace
The Force Awakens
The Last Jedi
Rogue One


That was kind of my feeling too.


I know it’s not a film but the Clone Wars cartoon should be in this discussion.
It fleshed out the Prequels in a way that Lucas never did and gave us Ashoka Tano, who went from Poochie to one of the best characters in Star Wars



Well that doesn’t fill me with hope.


To piggy back on what Jim said, Luke doesn’t have to look for the good in other enemies two reasons. He doesn’t have the familial connection with them and they don’t provide the strategic importance of Vader.


The familial connection is what I’m saying undercuts the theme a little. That shouldn’t matter in determining whether someone can be redeemed or not. Only Vader is worthy of redemption in ROTJ. Grunts don’t matter. That’s a message all the Star Wars movie send–grunts don’t matter. I think if it were to come out today, that would be picked up on and contrasted against Vader’s redemption theme. The strategic value of turning Vader is a little beside the point because the movie firmly states that he’s worthy of redemption, even beyond strategic concerns.

I’m not saying the OT should be scrutinized to this degree, though. I think critics, professional or fans, should be honest about the aims of the material when critiquing it. None of the Star Wars movies will, or need to, stand up to the intense scrutiny many fans today put on modern action-adventure movies. A movie like Blade Runner 2049 is asking for that level of scrutiny. Star Wars movies aren’t. Admittedly, Rogue One’s tone does ask for it to be taken a bit more seriously, but in my mind it’s a stretch to say it’s muddled. Story-wise it would’ve made more sense for the moral dilemma to be over assassinating a reckless ally like Saw rather than Mads Mikkelsen’s character (only Jyn had reason to think he was anything other than evil), but its message is still clear.


When I said Rogue One was muddled I wasn’t talking about morality, I mean the literal nuts and bolts storytelling is janky. It did not survive the reshoots intact.


This is why Stormtroopers wear full body armour - so you think less about how many people the heroes are killing


I’ve seen it twice now and didn’t notice anything major.

Imo, major = not understanding the characters, not understanding what’s going on.


I have to agree with you.
I say the character content was light, but I didn’t notice anything janky like Suicide Squad.



Looks like poll results have stabilized. As expected, most of the sheeple went after ESB. There were a few unique snowflakes/trolls with more esoteric choices on the bottom end too. :wink:


Looks like it’s official. Attack of the Clones is the 4th best Star Wars film.

The people decide!


“I like the one where the rebels all get killed at the start, nothing happens in the middle and everyone nearly dies at the end.”


Honest question. Is that really your favorite Star Wars film or are you trolling/trying to make sure Tom isn’t all by his lonesome?

I just assume it’s because so many people saw it as teen/pre-teens and think it’s the cool/dark/edgy Star Wars film. :wink:


And Rogue One takes 5th!! Suck on that, TFA!!


Of course I’m trolling but only partially, I had it on DVD when I first came to Malaysia and I really like a lot of bits of it. The romance is terrible but the Obi Wan bits and the Dooku/Yoda stuff I loved. Some people are obsessed with hating CGI for some reason but I thought it was fanboy heaven to see Dracula take on a puppet.

It is my favourite of the prequels, I think Phantom Menace is dreadful. I have no idea why so many rate it.

My real favourite is ESB. Jim can rail against it being miserable as much as he wants but it’s a second act and one of the 2 post New Hope films (by timeline) that doesn’t have the same fucking plot.


Empire is a fantastic movie and which is the best of the original is really a matter of personal choice. There’s no wrong answer. It’s more that Empire fans insist it has to be the best, unquestioned.


They’re all kind of good, kind of bad, but Empire and Last Jedi are the only two you can say are really well directed.