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Star Wars Movie Thread


I suppose my ranking right now is:

Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Revenge of the Sith
The Last Jedi
Return of the Jedi
The Force Awakens
Attack of the Clones
Rogue One
The Phantom Menace

Being fair, I do owe Rogue One a rewatch and maybe I’ll like it more but I have trouble taking people seriously when they say that it’s one of the best ones.


I think it’ll look like someone took the Lightsabre Guy video and cloned him a bunch of times so there’s like six Lightsabre guys all flailing away in sync.


Rogue One’s one of those movies where I’ll never get why people detest it. I get the characters are thin and some plot moments don’t make sense, but those don’t seem like reasons to think something’s awful. Is it the depressing tone?

I genuinely enjoyed it. Left the theater pumped and wanting to check out Marvel’s EU stuff, whereas TFA left me feeling slightly depressed at how by the numbers it was.


Rogue One has a major advantage over the Prequels in that it doesn’t look and sound like the cut scenes from Wing Commander 5: dropping all pretense.


What really put it over for me was that it kept trying to make us care without putting the effort in.
As you say, the characters are thin - but this is a movie that is all about the characters.

Felt way hollow.

Although @Lorcan_Nagle is right, it looks nice.


I don’t know, I liked seeing those ideas in a Star Wars film. The characters were just enough to get the ideas across. I wouldn’t say the movie is all about them; it’s not a character piece. Could’ve been better with its character-writing, would’ve made it more emotionally rewarding, but I tend to rate ambition above all in big blockbusters. They tried to do something new with Star Wars and imo it mostly paid off.


I liked the ideas as well, but there are scenes that we are meant to connect with these characters - culmination scenes - and so the movie falls in on itself in those moments, for me anyway.

No foundation/leg for it to stand on via the characters.


I leave this thread for a couple of hours and come back to defenders of Attack of the Clones?? That movie had this scene. It’s indefensible.


I do think that Rogue One was mostly lost in the edit and reshoots. It’s a minor masterpiece compared to Suicide Squad, sure, but seems to have been similarly mangled.
Hopefully Solo will escape this fate.


That is maybe the worst scene in all of Star Wars outside of the Anakin/Padme stuff.


Yoda vs Dooku. That scene killed my love for Star Wars.


Because whether I prefer Empire or A New Hope fluctuates by the second


checks notes

Ah, yes, that is in fact more or less how I thought it would go.

Carry on.


It’s hard to even decide which of those had the best poster, never mind the entire movie.


Rogue One is the Suicide Squad of Star Wars movies, with no Queen songs.


My list is too similar to some of yours so I won’t do all of it


I heard that the two guys who are the showrunners of GoT will do some SW movies…
Should be good but insert your jokes here about GoT and SW… :smile:


It’ll be nothing but tits and Krayt Dragons


Incest remains a common theme.


How do you mean?

I don’t really have a frame of reference for this one. I couldn’t make it through the first 20 minutes of Suicide Squad because what David Ayer thinks is badass and in your face and edgy makes me cringe. It seemed like Harsh Times (ugh) with costumes.