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Star Wars Movie Thread


Now you’re just trolling. :wink:


Hey, only one movie has Jango in it.
Gotta stick by 'im.


Tarantino’s was better. :wink:


Now you’re really trolling.

I didn’t think Lucas could punk Boba Fett any worse than having him go down like he did in ROTJ. Jango proves that wrong. :wink:


The greatest character in all of Star Wars being tasked by Master Yoda to kill his former apprentice? How could I not care!? That’s the best fight in the entire saga for me.


You gotta be kidding.
The Jango plot was the only good thing about Clones.

Boba doesn’t rate next to him.


You’re not helping yourself.


Next he’ll going on about sand, how it gets everywhere or that he’s just a humble poster making his way on a hostile board…


Only in that I enjoyed that plot more than any other bit of the rest of the series.

As a whole? One of the worst. But I rank it higher mainly due to it including pretty much my favorite bit of the franchise.

Now, I was mortified to say the least when I accidentally voted for TPM instead. Cause I hardly remember that one.


Flippin’ buyer’s remorse!


@RonnieM :slight_smile:


That scene is awesome, don’t let the haters say otherwise.

The crazy thing is that scene may not be in the top three for that movie.


The flight through the asteroid belt is number one, right?


Well, yeah - it has Christopher Lee in it and he steals the film.


Yeah, the Jango/Obi-Wan fight is awesome. I didn’t even know there were people who didn’t like it. I mean, at one point Obi-Wan is blocking laser blasts from Slave I’s cannons!!


I also like the very start of the Colosseum fight.

It’s perhaps the one time in the movie where Anakin shows likeable characteristics. Briefly.


There was no mention of scene, only plot. :wink:


And later out-flies ion sonic blasts!


No, the chase scene in Coruscant in the beginning is.

The asteroid belt, that duel, and yes the Christopher Lee stuff, is all up there too.


I’m a sucker for Obi Wan just going around asking questions, and then getting embroiled in a thread that leads to a shoot out or two.

It’s classic.