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Star Wars Movie Thread


I thought the Falcon was always supposed to be some kind of boring functional craft that Han and its previous owners souped up and made into something special.

That’s the impression I’ve always got from the movies and EU stuff.



But it is rather ridiculous that it’s a doinky little endpiece.



The one other point that I should have included is that - it’s far easier and less risky to experiment with a SW book than TV series. The audience is far more niche but also open to experimentation - is the same true of TV? We’re going to find out.


Multiple Star Wars series are in the works exclusively for Disney’s upcoming stand-alone streaming service, Disney CEO Bob Iger said today.

Iger made the announcement during an investor call when asked about Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ involvement in a new series of Star Wars films. Iger said Benioff and Weiss did not express an interest in working on a Star Wars television series, but instead wanted to develop multiple films based on a moment in Star Wars mythology.

“Their interest was in creating a series of films that are Star Wars-based, and we’ve actually been talking to them for a long time,” Iger said. “They’re focused on a point in time in Star Wars mythology, and we’re taking it from there.

More prequels? :frowning:

In addition, Iger said there are “a few Star Wars series specifically” being created for Disney’s upcoming app. Iger didn’t provide any information about any of the series — including whether they’re live-action or animated — but did say that once a deal is finalized on the first series, Disney will make an announcement. The CEO added that “talent on the television front is significant,” and said people will be pleased with the creators the company is talking to.


Begun, the Streaming Wars have.


All they really need to do, in terms of prequels is:

For instance, in Tarkin it’s mentioned that beneath the Jedi Temple is a millennia-old Sith shrine from the days of when the Sith ruled Coruscant. You could build an entire series off of that, from the fall of the Jedi to their eventual defeat of the Sith, while using Maul’s TPM line as marketing for it.


I honestly think it’s a real question if Star Wars can exist in big media beyond the immediate Skywalkers. I think they made a big mistake with the Force Awakens by setting it so close to Return of the Jedi - I’d have gone 300 years in the future (and had Luke still alive because of the Force). Now they’re stuck with the ghosts of A New Hope Past.

It’s like Harry Potter trying to escape from Voldemort and Harry. It’s a tall ask of the audiences.


Society may be an influence. ANH was post-Nixon. TLJ almost says “here we go again” when the Rebellion/Resistance becomes the vanishing good guys. The meta-message in both is “the bad guys are winning, what are you prepared to do?” (Hint: “Run away” is not a good answer.)


That was so damn depressing about the movie.

Also it gives a really muddled answer to that. Even Luke doesn’t really show up for a fight, preferring to force phone it in. And sacrifice is good, oh no it isn’t when you’re Finn.


I don’t think so. It never mattered what it used to be.

It’s a smuggling ship after all. Part of what makes it cool is that nobody looks at it twice.


Are there any Star Wars origins that are cool?


BB8. He used to be a football.


That’s why the coolest guy in SW - Jango Fett - is just a simple guy trying to make his way in the universe.



Surely they’re going to do the Old Rebuplic.

Oh Disney, stop being stupid and just announce that Obi-Wan movie that we’re all asking for.


I’m sure Chewbacca’s is pretty bad ass. Lando’s too.


Regarding the Falcon…is part of the problem being discussed here car culture? Is car culture a thing across the pond? Because it’s definitely a thing here in the States. The Falcon is a pickup truck. Han’s smuggling is probably akin to booklegging. If you want to know what that looks like in a movie, I’d suggest Lawless. And yeah, ironically there’s a bootlegger played by Shia LaBeouf. But Ford’s Han Solo is much more like Tom Hardy, who only speaks when he has to. That performance in Mad Max: Fury Road? That’s much more Han than the image of Indiana Jones that has come to dominate perception of Ford.

Anyway, the Falcon is a pickup truck. This is definitely an American thing. My one-time brother-in-law had a pickup truck. He’s definitely part of pickup truck culture. Yeah, he made sure to get it clean now and then, but the things you do with a pickup truck…they’re not a luxury car. The premium isn’t in how pretty they look, but in their functionality, the amount of crap you can store in the bed. And yeah, he also made special modifications. It’s what you do with these things.

And Han’s a smuggler. Chances are he transported a lot of nasty shit in the Falcon. And chances are greater that the nature of his job was that he took work as he found it, which yeah, meant working for nasty people and going to nasty places. Han is a pure embodiment of George Lucas’s perception of car culture (American Graffiti) and cowboys (Han is a classic movie cowboy in space, plain and simple), rolled into one. If Luke’s initiation into the Rebellion and Jedi culture wasn’t enough of a walkthrough for audiences, Han was there to help guide them along even more directly. It’s no surprise that westerns met an unofficial end at the same time blockbusters took over the popular consciousness. The material that connects best with audiences gives them something familiar in dynamic new trappings.


Yes, we’d all like to know more about Life Day and the domestic arrangements of Wookiee families.