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Star Wars Movie Thread


Nah, for me it all worked great but I’ve been a fan of Yen’s for years so it’s going to look differently to me.


Yes, I was always under the impression that the Millennium Falcon was an old ship that had been in use for decades. Maybe even pushing a century.

When this was brought up on another board, someone said that it was Lando’s before Han won it, and that Lando would kept the ship up, cleaned, and detailed. Think of it like an old car that’s been tuned and souped up, and shiny with a fresh coat of paint. Then Han gets it, and he’s the kind of schlub who’s going to scuff up the paint, not keep the oil changed, crack the windshield and not fix it, spill coffee and soda in the seats, and leave fast food bags on the floor.

Remember, in ESB, One of the first things Lando said to Han was “What did you do to my ship?”


Lando is the MM of Star Wars. Han takes out a beer, Lando’ll be: Use a damn coaster.



So this is separate from the “Episode ?” and the Johnson movies? Huh.

I’d rather they do this than GoT prequels (or Confederate) at least.


The Falcon should always have been considered a crappy ship. Some service hauler that looks weird that no-one cares about. Compare it to the other super sleek and impressive ships and it’s the ugly stepchild - that’s it’s appeal. Its a loser that ends up a winner. Like Artoo it has it’s own story.

Making it clean ans shiny at any point in time removes that loser background. Unless Lando is just some anal clean freak who’s the kind of guy who’d detail a 1985 Ford Capri (Cloud City did look really shiny). Then it makes Lando into a bit of a joke - a guy with a shitty car who dresses like a pimp and thinks he’s a hit with all the ladies.

Which is what Lando essentially is, but Billy Dee doesn’t drive a Ford Capri.


A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Episode I

Brother Shags Sister

They’re capable of doing something else I’m sure, but for right now? Yeah, there’s going to be a few one-liners flying.


Nah, that was Episode IV


That was the clean version - time for the real story. It involves power converters…


I took a second to imagine Star Wars with a Game of Thrones tone, and I think it’d be really awful. Star Wars should be light and full of adventure. There’s no blood in Star Wars. no gore, no real violence. You can cut Darth Maul in half and his guts don’t slide out of him.

Maybe these guys will avoid their usual tone, but this feels like a matchup that someone thought would be great but in reality is like oil and water.


Being more serious, it could go either way and it’s not without precedent.

Matthew Stover’s fantasy work is known to be pretty damn brutal, but he also did some of the best Star Wars books going in Shatterpoint and Luke Skywalker & The Shadows of Mindor, plus really did a number on the novelisation of ROTS.

I think it’ll either be horrible or fantastic.


There’s too much money at take for it to be horrible, but I really don’t like the direction Star Wars has taken under Disney, and this looks to be a step deeper. It’s chum for Gen X, but I don’t know if it works for future generations. I think culturally we want more fantastical works like Guardians, and less grim works like Rogue One. The 2000’s was a grim decade, the 2010’s have felt more optimistic and I reckon the 2020’s will be joyful and fun.


More Star Wars. We need more and more!


Nah, Jason is right. the Falcon is a 1969 GTO. Lando makes it look cool, Han is too broke or cheap to keep it up.


Nope, it’s a barge:

That’s why it’s engines are so good and it’s able to go so fast.



Seeing that made the Falcon categories less cool.

Jim is right.


Blew my mind when I saw that. Such a disappointment - like seeing @Will naked and wishing you hadn’t. This is why prequels and origins typically suck. You get things like this. The Falcon should be a home build kind of ship, put together by idiot kids who made something unique and great, but instead it’s a tugboat.


This is their move into JJ Abrams territory. It means delegating more and acting as executive producers on a lot of stuff. I’d be surprised if they’re not exec producing whatever ‘Thrones’ sequel HBO chooses, and there are already half a dozen people involved in developing the story for ‘Confederate’.

It’ll be interesting to see how much actually gets made?

Disney clearly want to expand Star Wars as far as they can, but the chance of some of this stuff falling to wayside is very strong.

The core films will continue for the foreseeable future, but a lot’s riding on the next few spinoffs.


You’re a barge.


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