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Star Wars Movie Thread


Nah, he was a Jediaboo


Same mystic/magic BS - the worst part of Star Wars!


I don’t think our views on Star Wars movies could be any more different. :laughing:


I thought according to the fanboys, Boba Fett was the #1 SW character? :wink:


He’s top five for sure.


This made me laugh.


The authors of the Star Wars novels don’t even get royalties on the sales of the novels they write. It’s a work for hire arrangement where they received a single upfront payment.


There are enough hours of existing score that they can keep reusing it in future movies. I don’t really see why they’re commissioning new music at all at this stage, to be honest, he’s already written something to fit any mood they might ever need in a scene.


“It’s fine. Everything’s fine.”

Same line from when they tried to save Leia from the jail cell in A New Hope.


I don’t get people who see a story with massive spaceships, droids, and laser-swords, and think magic monks are a highlight.



And this;


We’re all fine here now, how are you?

(and then he makes that I can’t believe I just said that face)




Now that we’ve seen the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, I have one burning question: What the hell did Han Solo do to the Millennium Falcon?

Star Wars is known for its “used universe” aesthetic, combining futuristic technology with a messy, lived-in atmosphere. That obviously includes the Millennium Falcon, which Luke described as a piece of junk during A New Hope. The ship is covered in a layer of grime, and some parts are basically held together with space duct tape. But in the Han Solo movie, we meet the Falcon during her younger days, and it’s a pretty eye-opening experience.

In A New Hope, Han Solo is 29 years old. Solo takes place when Han is between the ages of 18 and 24, so we can estimate that he wins the Falcon from Lando Calrissian sometime in his early 20s. Which means that in the span of a few years, Han and Chewie turned the Falcon from a pristine example of Corellian design into a trash bucket full of exposed wires and unexplained stains.


The modern explanation for Chewbacca’s name is that it’s from a Russian word for dog.

How many American filmmakers were looking up Russian words to create character names in the 1970s?

The old story is that it came from “Chew Tobacco”.

So the reason the Falcon has gone sepia is probably because this Wookie has serious nicotine problem.


I don’t like the clean Falcon. I wish the ship was hundreds of years old with a long history of getting up to trouble. This decision feels like the mess they made of C3PO or R2D2. The more they write origins the worse the story gets.

It wasn’t that big a deal in the old movies, but now comparing those images it’s like Han and Chewie threw their shit on the walls for a decade and never bothered to clean it up. Apparently there’s no soap in space, and the pair of them are dirty creeps. Han and Chewie are now space Bevis and Butthead.


Thanks, that trailer moves a bit too fast

In most cases, I can get that, but when it’s Donnie Yen kicking arse and getting noticed for the first time in a decades long martial arts career by a much bigger audience, nope.


Donnie Yen was pretty much wasted in Rogue One though.


If you mean, he should have got more time - I agree. I really liked both him and Baze, but what we got was still fecking excellent.


Nah, I agree with Kandor.

Horribly wasted. And his last scene? So bad.