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Star Wars Movie Thread


And JJ Abrams has Lost.



That was just a stream of random words to me. Am I really so out of touch with fandom? :confused:



Wait until you hear some Scottish guy say the exact same thing. Then you’ll know you’re gonzo!


You don’t know the power of the Porg!



This popped up after I watched that;


Pretty impressive that The Last Jedi is barely a week away and I still feel like I hardly know anything about it other than the basics.

I have seen some stories start to fly around that might ruin some of the film’s surprises, though, so beware of spoilers online for the next eight days.


Me too although they seem to be mostly speculation from the clickbait headlines I’ve seen eventually if you read enough of that someone will guess it right.


The one I saw today (which prompted my post) involved a lighting company boasting that they had lit a certain character, which possibly gave away a surprise for the movie.

But yes, even now most of the stories are still speculation. There have been nothing like the leaks there were for TFA (full lists of scenes, leaked photos of Luke in costume, etc.).




Just in case you are a huge Star Wars fan and looking for a new winter coat. :wink:



This story has making the rounds on social media this morning, and it’s pretty amazing:

I know they’re going to kill Luke Skywalker in one of the next two movies, but I really hope they don’t.


He’ll never die, like any Jedi he’ll be ‘stronger than ever before’. :wink:


What was the point of Order 66 then?


We don’t speak of that.


Order 66? Ben Affleck has a dead hooker in his dressing room?


I think that was before any of the Jedi knew how to ghostify*.

(*technical term)