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Star Wars Movie Thread


“water” pistol




The problem with TFA wasn’t the callbacks but that it wasn’t a particularly well told story. Some of that is down to the entire film trying to callback to the New Hope so that the First Order and the Resistance are never properly explained but more so much of the plot develops through coincidence and happenstance rather than the actions of the characters.


“water” “pistol”


Yeah, I thought the same.

Anecdotally at least, though, kids don’t go for him. My son basically sees him as too much of a wuss to like as a bad guy.


It’s the problem I had with him too. It’s fine to have a complex, layered villain but they still need to be intimidating/menacing otherwise there’s no reason to fear them. Renn’s portrayal would have been fine if he was the main character but as the antagonist it doesn’t work.


It kinda works for me in as far as, here’s a character who is like a stubborn child prone to throwing fits, only that somebody handed a machine gun to that child.

That’s actually kind of terrifying, you know?


Rey and Luke kind of work on the same level as characters. Rey’s not as strong as she didn’t have the wanderlust or tragic loss Luke had, but she’s ok.

Kylo Ren is nothing to Darth Vader. Unfit to clean Darths boots. I’m not sure of the thinking when creating the character, but it feels like they took every bad idea and no one was there to tell them to stop.

And Poe is no Han Solo either.

I remember the prequels only getting hammered after the second movie came out. A lot of sins were glossed over in the first movie. I wonder if the same might happen here.


He’s my nephew’s favorite Star Wars character. He used to be his favorite character full stop but now seems to be more into “Bingy Turtles”.


I think he’s a bit too real for Star Wars. Vadar is more of a cartoon villain.


We’ll find out soon enough, but I think that there’s a chance that Driver’s character ends up being the most interesting and best out of the whole trilogy. We might be seeing the compression of the first two trilogies, in a way, in the creation of an epic villain. But then again, maybe not.


So much for anecdotal evidence :wink:


was looking at Star Wars bobble heads the other day and noticed that the new Chewie bobble head comes with a porg stting on his hand. Disney marketing strikes again


I’m just hoping Last Jedi breaks off and tells its own story. I’m starting to feel a little chained to the past, and while I appreciate and acknowledge history, I refuse to be doomed to repeat it.



My son named him as his favourite too. :smile:


He also has trouble with R’s. So it becomes “Kywo Wen”. It’s fun to hear him say it. :wink:


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No charred corpses, but her parents are “missing”. No wanderlust because she’s waiting for them to return. This really didn’t come across strongly enough in TFA. Surprising, because loss is one of THE themes in SW.


Each of the core three in Force Awakens has lost something though - Rey has lost her parents, more or less and wants to stay on Jakku because she expects them to return; Finn has lost his innocence and defects to the Resistance to regain it; and Poe lost his jacket, but it’s OK because it looked really good on Finn.