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Star Wars Movie Thread



It’s like the original galaxy but far further away.


I think it could work…another galaxy so a whole new playground, but with the Force since it is the same universe.


A long, long, long time ago
in a different galaxy
far, far far away…


So has anyone seen a PR crapstorm to rival that which has engulfed Unicronic Arts in the last 24-48 hours over Battlefront 2? It’s an absolute monster but I can’t say it’s not deserved.


I haven’t heard anything about it. Is this about in-game loot systems or something?


Seems like you have to pay extra to unlock key characters, or spend a very long time (I’ve seen reports that say 40 hours) grinding to get the likes of Luke and Vader.



Exactly that.

There’s the reports Dave has mentioned, but then EA went and cut the numbers by 75% in the last 24-48 hours. This was after they got the most down-voted comment in Reddit history + 600k negative!

The reviews so far have been pretty consistent - it’s a solid game, crippled by the loot box progression, opinion varies on the multiplayer, but again, there’s some criticism of that based on the wildly fluctuating effects of the Star Cards, acquired via loot box, on it.

EA used the whole microtransactions structure to make the claim that all DLC would be free, no season pass. But, now it’s out, quite a few will be wondering if that wouldn’t be better than this random luck structure they’ve put in place instead.


I was just reminiscing about a lightsaber toy I had as a kid. I even remembered the dump it came in. I loved that thing. I think it eventually broke or something.

Mine was red like this guy’s.


Apparently my REAL light saber is in my REAL flying car.

We do, however, still have 'sploding hoverboards.


The Battlefront 2 fiaco continues to be hilarious, with reports that Bob Iger, CEO of Disney rang the CEO of EA a few hours ago! Oh, to have heard that phone call.

The result? EA have temporarily removed the microtransactions, but retained the randomised loot box progression system that even IGN has slagged.

There’s no mystery over how EA screwed up, just amazement that they went and did it so far on a SW game.





This is a brilliant and very relevant mick-take:


So The Force Awakens hit Netflix here last week, and I rewatched it, and my opinion on the movie remains unchanged. The true strength in the film is Rey, Finn and Poe, who all shine in their own way. In a movie where way too much of the runtime is saying HEY GUYS YOU REMEMBER STAR WARS? WELL THIS IS A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE, the core trio are explicitly not a new Luke, Han and Leia. I love that Poe is a really nice guy who everyone respects, and that’s why he’s a good leader. I love that Rey is self-reliant but has limits. I love that Finn has a good heart and a sense of justice. They’re great characters.

So it’s a shame that they’re plugged into HEY GUYS YOU REMEMBER STAR WARS? I get why they did it, the prequel trilogy failed in part because it was so different to the original trilogy, and if you want to get everyone back in you want to make them think of the good half of the movie canon. Like Rogue One, I could forgive some of the callbacks, but there’s just too many, to the point I groaned when I remembered Finn finding the training drone and turning on the dejarik table.

I’ll say this though, Kylo Ren is a fucking great antagonist, because he seems to be a commentary on every cynical marketing move the movie’s made. He desperately wants to be Darth Vader, but he can’t, and that frustrates him. He’s forced into being an original character because he fails at being a legacy one, which is fascinating.


These were the main two that I groaned at in the cinema too.

I find them less groanworthy once you know they’re coming.


Exactly how I felt rewatching it at the weekend. The early-on coincidences still irk me, but whatever.

The BMW Hams Hall Manufacturing Planning outing for The Last Jedi is at the Broad Street Cineworld 4DX (whatever that means, Dave - you’re a local).


Isn’t 4DX the one with vibrating seats and someone firing a water pistol at you during the movie?

(Which is marginally less harassment than you’d usually get on a night out on Broad Street.)