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Star Wars Movie Thread


I’m surprised he’s decided that’s how he wants to spend then next 10-20 years of his career, but happy for him if it’s what he really wants to do?

I wouldn’t have been surprised if he stepped away for a while and came back, I assume he’ll get some time off to do other projects too. Occasionally.


Have I missed something? I thought Abrams was directing Episode IX.


No, you’re correct, you’re also more awake than I am.


Funny how your memory can play tricks on you.


I think this is great news. They must be thrilled with what he’s done with TLJ, which just makes me anticipate it even more.

This feels like Johnson getting an opportunity to create his own world and escape the constraints of the core movies while still falling under their umbrella (with all the advantages that having Disney’s backing will provide). I’m excited to see what he comes up with.


I had sort f a similar change of mind with TFA. I thought it was good while watching it in the theater, but afterwards I realized the movie didn’t make a whole lot of sense, and the story was too thin. And it was a bummer, especially Han and Leia splitting up.


I think it’s very common to be honest. What can be thrilling on a first watch ends up becoming something quite different in the memory, to the point where you can convince yourself that you didn’t even enjoy it in the first place.

It’s similar to what we’ve seen with some of the recent discussions here of Civil War, criticising its choppy structure and unevenness of tone. The same people were effusive about it when they first saw it but have come to a more critical view with the passage of time.

(I was the same with Batman v Superman - I enjoyed it more than I expected on a first watch, but I’ve found that it’s only the bad parts that stick in the memory.)

If anything, though, with The Force Awakens I’ve gone in the other direction - when I first saw it I quite liked it but I found all the callbacks and references to the previous movies distracting and unnecessary. Now, though, I find that those things don’t leap out and bother me so much, and I find myself appreciating all the stuff that the movie did right in terms of reinvigorating the world of Star Wars and introducing a new generation of characters to the saga.


The opening hour still stands up, but the Han intro sequence with the bounty hunters turns into pure panto, and everything with the Death Star is utter nonsense. Even the new Mos Esley is a really choppy battle sequence.


I keep meaning to rewatch Force Awakens (which to be fair, is more than Phantom Menace and Send in the Clones got, and I still haven’t seen Revenge of the Sith), but there’s always something I’d rather do more.


Especially with Star Wars. I think there’s a very strong element for many of being caught up with the world and that John Williams soundtrack and the rest. When I saw the Millennium Falcon fly in that first trailer it caused goosebumps, any other film and ship and it would probably do nothing of the kind.

I remember Millar gave an enormous gushing 5 star review of Revenge of the Sith for example and now doesn’t regard the prequels well at all.

I have amended my approach to big genre blockbuster films. I deliberately don’t care about deep analysis and review, the joy is in that first impression, what they managed in the two hours or so they intended. I’m not saying others should do the same but it has increased the happiness in my life. I walked out of The Avengers proclaiming it a triumph and that’s the feeling you should hold on to.


I agree, I don’t see much value these days in picking over plot holes or trying to second-guess my original reaction. Part of that is that I find myself with increasingly less time to rewatch these movies nowadays, so that first viewing (and initial reaction) is often all they get.


Is that who it ended up being? My memory is playing tricks on me. I thought it would be something mentioned in the article and wondered why the fuck he would want to do 5 (seemingly consecutive) Star Wars movies. I’m not sure I want to watch that many Star Wars movies.


The first hour or so of ROTS is quite good. I liked General Grievus as a goofy over the top villain.

After that the movie turns into a piece of poo.


Yeah, people told me the Yoda/Count Dooko fight was quite good as well, and I believed them.



I went to see ROTS with my wife and a couple friends. We ended sitting in the back row of a packed theater. During the opening scene when they’re attempting to rescue the emperor my wife kept breaking into laughter at how dumb it was. Finally she just ended up cackling and the entire theater turned around to glare at her. To which she shouted at them, ‘What? It’s fucking stupid!’


It got progressively worse from there…I wouldn’t say the first half of ROTS was brilliant filmmaking or something but I enjoyed it as silly fun. But your wife was right, it was stupid.

I thought the Mace Windu/Anakin/Palpatine scenes when Anakin was “turning to the dark side” were some of the most awful stuff in all the prequels. And the Obi-Wan/Anakin fight sucked.



Star Wars Miqque-Reviews by episode.

  1. No.
  2. Please, no.
  3. It Burns! BURNS!
  4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  5. Oh, my! Even better!
  6. Excellent. Satisfying.
  7. Have I been here before?
  8. It better be!


Alternate solution: When you get to this point, bugger off.

Damn, when did we get to the point where we’d be whinging that there’s too much Trek, Wars and so many superhero films?


(Fans don’t do that. They spend decades loudly complaining. This seems to be what identifies them as fans.)

(But don’t complain about stuff they love!)