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Star Wars Movie Thread


You can but it’s hard since moister farmers are always getting burned.


Exactly. Living in a mud hut fighting off the Sand People and Jawas every other week. How did Old Ben make a living in all that time?

Personally, I think he was a freelance hit man for the gangs of Huts. Sorta like the John Wick of Tatooine.

Now, that’s a prequel I’d like to see.


I want to know where he did his grocery shopping.



They’re everywhere!!!



Just like sand.
Which, incidentally, is the problem with tattooine.


With two suns, so he aged 38 years.

Look what happened to Owen and Beru…



I can understand his concerns. He made the right choice in the end though.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson has been set by Disney and Lucasfilm to write and direct a trilogy of films that will fall under the Star Wars brand but will be a completely new story, with original characters, set in a different galaxy.


A different galaxy? I’m not sure how that’ll be Star Wars?


It’s possible that’s Deadline misinterpreting the announcement (I think it was made on a conference call), but I think the point is that it’ll be unconnected to anything in the other movies.


Which makes far more sense.


Disney CEO Bob Iger broke word of a live-action Star Wars TV series on an earnings conference call, though no other details were available beyond the series’ place on Disney’s eventual streaming service in 2019. Iger also confirmed that they were developing a new Marvel series, atop TV adaptations of Monsters Inc. and the Disney Channel’s High School Musical.


Place yer bets on what year you’ll start saying “I can’t bear anymore bastard Star Wars, make it stop”. For me, I reckon 2021. At the minute I’m hoovering it all up like a cat with dreamies, but I don’t know if I’ll have a gradual decline over time or one day I’ll just flip.


I got a taste of that during Rogue One. Too much effort, too little story.


2003 for me


So Johnson is directing Episode IX and another trilogy?


Two hours into The Force Awakens for me.


I would have been much more interested in a Star Wars live action TV series if it was on Netflix. A Disney streaming service doesn’t really get me excited to be honest. It’s a good thing there should be plenty of Millarworld content on Netflix by that time. :wink: