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Star Wars Movie Thread


Was that really an argument that people have made? That’s kind of awesomely funny!

Wait, what about - oh, okay, I hadn’t even realised Oscar Isaac had an hispanic background. That makes it all even cooler.


So, all the time I’ve been a fan of Captain Sisko, I’ve been doing it wrong? Aw, no… Wow, what a fucked up concept.


Yeah, here’s the always awesome hbomberguy making fun of it:

Little white cuck ball at 8:14


Wow, that’s so fantastically bizarre. Love the racial phallic angle on Rey’s staff, too.

On the other hand, the guy who made that video likes the prequels? He’s crazy, too!


He’s been promising/threatening to make a video defending the prequels for an age now.


Sad to see such a young, clever mind go down the road towards madness. But what can you do?


Donate to his Patreon?


Only if he renounces the sequels!




He seems to have missed out on an easy point in that. Not remember/misremembering characters names is a very old tactic. It’s a way of undermining the person you’re referring to, implying that they’re not worth remembering. It’s like when you run into an ex-girlfriend and “misremember” her new boyfriend’s name so that when she corrects you can say “whatever.”


I think he made that point in the first video.


Harris Bomberguy is my favourite YouTuber! But his prequel love is very concerning.



I found what I want for Christmas. :wink:


This is a point I hadn’t thought of before:


Being a Jedi is really stressful. Yoda was only 39, he just lied about his age.


He was living in the desert for 19 years. The heat and sun are murder on your skin.


By way of comparison, look at what happened to Obama in only 8 years:


I like to take this one to task a little. They always show it as examples of how the stress of the job affects both political leaders and football managers. They are undeniably high stakes jobs but they are most often taken by people in their 40s to 50s when hair typically starts going grey and wrinkles set in.

I’m 44 now and have the odd grey eyebrow for some reason, give me 8 years and it could all be white. Maybe not but if I sat on my arse all day on the beach drinking cocktails it could very well produce the same ‘before and after’ pics. :smile:


You can’t get moisturizer in a desert hellhole.