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Star Wars Movie Thread


The twist where he killed his own father was a real whammy…bar…


That pun is so bad I’m fretting about it.


I didn’t think you were so highly strung…


Just very Picky.


You should try to be plucky.


I think we’re getting a Bottleneck of bad puns now. And much as I’d like to be their deFender, I don’t know if that’s a good Strategy to Pickup.


We should really shred the lot of you making such poor puns, but all I have handy is my ax.


If you lot don’t change your tone, I’m going to amplify my voice and Auto-Tune the lot of you until you tremolo in your bass boots!


Force Awakens had the Rathtar, which out-Sarlaced the Sarlac Pit. I don’t like beastly things like that, personally. One of the reasons I’ll never give Jackson’s King Kong another viewing.

Rogue One had Bor Gullet, the creature that interrogates the pilot. I didn’t much enjoy him, either.




You know me far too well.


Are you fucking kidding me? They are making a Tag and Bink movie?

Fuck me over, it’s great to be alive.


No, they just have cameos in Solo.


Still sold.


The most important Star Wars news of the year:


Without clicking the link, I choose to believe it’s Bea Arthur’s bartender.


It is.


It’s amazing how much of an online firestorm SW improving on its representation has resulted in from time to time. You’d think it was the end of the world or something.

And this is with the books handling it reasonably subtly, it’s not exactly, to nick one of Mike’s quips, ‘GAYS IN SPAAACCE!’ (Ok, I added the ‘pigs in space’ riff). Instead the books have been quite matter-of-fact about sexuality, almost to the point where if you don’t pay attention you’d miss it and it wouldn’t matter much in story terms, but for some of those that do see it, it means the world to them.


When you’re in a position of power, elevating one group seems like something is being taken from you. I’ve seen people talk about how it’s OK for Star Wars to have a black or female character when they’re Lando or Leia - that is a supporting castmember or someone who generally surrenders agency to male characters (while Leia is a take charge kinda gal, aside from when she grabs a gun and gets everyone into the garbage masher, she’s pretty much always following Luke or Han’s lead or is dependent on them in some way). The problem is that Ray and Finn are the heroes of Force Awakens. They’re driving the story in the way Luke and Han did in the original trilogy. And so you get arguments like BB-8 is the only character white men are allowed to identify with, and he’s a subservient little white cuck ball (that last part is an actual quote).

Because somehow it’s unrealistic to identify with a stranded orphan, stuck in a dreary job dreaming of bigger things until his uncle buys a pair of droids