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Star Wars Movie Thread


There’s a little bit of that missing footage in TFA as well. I don’t recall this ever happening in the film.


I’m hoping Rey restores Luke’s confidence. It looks like he might have been a bit arrogant in training the next generation of Jedi, a common theme in the films. I know we like to think of everyone living happily ever after and the galaxy moving toward a period of peace and tranquility but that doesn’t create a lot of conflict for a meaningful story.

Luke and Hamill are by far my favorite things about the Star Wars films. I was a tow headed kid growing up in the middle of nowhere when I first saw these films and the thought that a guy like me could change the galaxy made my world. So I do hope they are respectful to Luke and Hamill.

I thought it was in one of the Force Flashes where they establish that Luke has been missing and R2D2 has a piece of where he is. Maybe that’s me transposing the trailer onto the film. I’m sure there is someone we know who could tell us definitively. :wink:

I also meant to bring up what @RobertB was saying about color. I really like it. Johnson seems to be really going for a visual flair here. I hope it’s an amazing experience.


I don’t really think about these new movies much but I was out drinking a couple weeks back and someone brought them up and I got really annoyed by them.

It feels like out of all the directions they could have gone with these stories they chose the absolute laziest direction, almost fanfic. I find it to be a shame, compared to what we could have gotten and the limitless potential to tell any kind of story they wanted. To split up the main gang, piss on their happy ending, just to do the empire and rebels, the death star, the dark side, the daddy issues, all over again…is this the best we can do?

Then again I get these films make a lot of people happy, too, so I don’t talk about that aspect of things much. And of course there is nothing bad you can say about the technical aspect of them. They cost a fortune yet still look and sound like they’re double their budget, and that alone is worth admission.


I guess there’s not really an equivalent to the “Chewie - we’re home” bit from TFA. I watched this trailer last night - all I can recall from it is the walkers and those cute little critters.


I’m curious to see if the new market tested Ewok will be a hit or will prompt JarJar levels of scorn. It feels like fans are far more forgiving this time round than they were 15 years ago.


It depends on if they have racist accents or not, and if they accidentally, unwittingly save the day.


I can only imagine what the response to that thing would be if it were a Lucas-helmed film. I don’t think we’d be hearing about anything else.

Personally I like it, and the snow coyotes too, but then I like the prequels and the Ewoks.


I’m sure Disney merchandise executives are at full mast in anticipation of this creature. Between it and Baby Groot they’ll be printing cash through next summer. While I don’t want to shit on something others enjoy, it’s telling how far Star Wars has wandered from its origins (think of that original Cantina scene with the hideous aliens). It’s all so pretty and cute now, and I think that’s a killer on creativity. All the characters look like a focus group designed them. There’s no way a Yoda or Jabba ot Jawa or Sarlac Pit would make it in this new Star Wars.


Well…if they can include a wise old Muppet voiced by Frank Oz, I am so there.


They went the safe route with comfort food. I still enjoyed TFA but they could have done more with it.


Well… it’s definitely the best I’d expect from JJ Abrams. It’s what he’s shown with Star Trek and what I’ve generally come to expent of him: re-mixes, competently made.

Then again, that’s probably what Disney wanted. Play it safe, show people that this is you daddy’s Star Wars and not the prequels.

I’m still hoping that this new one will go to more interesting places than TFA did.


I think it’s all about expectations. My expectations were extremely high for The Phantom Menace likely higher than any movie could live up to. So it didn’t. I didn’t have as many expectations for The Force Awakens and really enjoyed it.



This is why we needed the great photos thread :expressionless:


I’ve seen comments on TFA that go:

On its own, fun movie. As sequel to OT, not so good, far more problematic.

This seems fair to me, as sure, a sequel story requires a form of conflict but that doesn’t mean it had to be what they went with.

It’s interesting in that the books have done some good tales around the new films, Bloodline was particularly good. But should the books and comics have to be acting as support and plaster casts for bad ideas?

I think they totally forgot about the appeal of a film with Luke, Han and Leia together and now it can never happen. If TLJ gets seen as screwing over Luke, then they’re pretty much stuffed.


If ‘The Last Jedi’ was a Disney movie…

…oh wait… :confused:



Wouldn’t that make her older than Luke?

Think he got his junk burnt off when he became Vader…


Anakin’s kid had a kid who had a kid - as many generations as we need to make it work!

And yeah, Vader hates ObiWan because he blames him for having had his nuts roasted off.


Last time we met, I had a cock…