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Star Wars Movie Thread


I’m curious about the carbon fiber weave looking patch on Kylo Ren’s face. They also seem to hint that he might kill Leia too. So I wonder if the script has changed since she passed.

I will be really curious to see what part Luke plays in all of this. It appears there may be some flashback material in this which beyond a brief glimpse in TFA hasn’t really been done in the saga films.


Apparently Johnson has said that the story of The Last Jedi has not been altered as a result of Fisher’s death. Although the suggestion seems to be that she had been due to play a major role in the third film of this trilogy - so either they will have altered this film after all to give her character an ‘ending’, or they will have to find a way to do that in the third film without the presence of Fisher herself. Rumours are that this was part of the difficulties which ultimately led Trevorrow to leave IX and be replaced with Abrams.

I am guessing it will be more ‘force flash’ stuff like TFA, but it would be an interesting departure to see them go with full-on flashbacks.



That and a tub of Schechuan sauce will get you a riot.


It’s interesting to me that there’s never a mention of the artist’s name.


It’s Dan Mumford.


Thanks, Dave.


That doesn’t look like Skellig Michael…


“Not much new”?

Did I miss a trailer there? This one was almost all new footage to me…


I think it was mostly new shots, but at the same time I don’t think any significant new aspects of the movie (or new ideas for Star Wars in general) were revealed.




I don’t like that they all talk in that whispery tone of voice in the trailer that is a sort of short hand for “intense emotion”. What’s wrong with speaking up?


It’s all set in a large library.



OK watched the new trailer.

I’m, er… Luke-warm on it.


groan :wink:


I think the trailer is laying a ton of red herrings…eg Kylo kills leia, Rey going to Dark Side, etc


My work here is done!

I also suspect ep 9 will be titled Rey-turn of the Jedi.

EDIT: Can Rey be a Skywalker? Yes.

Way back when Anakin Skywalker went off in a huff over something ObiWan said, got absolutely blasted on speeder fuel, had a drunken shag with an equally blasted woman, nine months later, with the Empire ruling the galaxy the woman kept her newborn very, very quiet.

That kid in turn had a kid thus Rey.


For Rogue One they deleted all the good stuff from the trailer out of the final film, so I guess you never know.


I find the bits with Luke quite interesting and different from what expected. He looks quite disheveled and frightened, not calm and put together like Obi Wan, or confident and playful like Yoda. From the last movie I thought he’d become this wise monk, but he really comes across as a guy who’s lived at the bottom of a bottle for 20 years. Someone broken. A long way away from the guy who calmly stared down the Emperor and had confidence in the good in Vader.

I’m a bit concerned these movies might make as much of a gash of Star Wars as the prequels did. If they make Luke uncool I’ll be annoyed. For me they already screwed up by splitting Han and Leia, and making their only son evil.

There’s a lot of bad story choices being made in these movies. It’s surprising.