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Star Wars Movie Thread


That’s a long time and far, far away!


You’d also assume that Johnson might not want to do 4 years of probably highly time consuming labour intensive work on the bounce. Star Wars is a big massive job and he’s earned a break. And probably doesn’t want his girlfriend/friends/fam walking past posters for Ep 9 in 2 years time and thinking “I swear I’ve heard that name Rian Johnson before… can’t quite recall”.



UPDATE: JJ ABRAMS IS NOT DIRECTING EPISODE IX!!! Check out the new director!


Schedule for the final season of Star Wars Rebels


I’m happy, the only criticism I really had of TFA was the basic plot being the same as A New Hope. I think that was deliberately done to get fans back into the classic Star Wars feel and won’t be repeated with a third film.

Then again it could open with Finn being rescued from Blabba’s palace… :smile:


The Porgs plait Rey’s hair, call BB-8 a god, and beat the First Order by throwing rocks and logs at them.


Poe gives Finn his Gosling-jacket for keepseys.

Finn says, "I know."
The Porgs play a celebratory, cheerful little ditty on Darth Emo-Grumpy-Grump’s helmet.

But their kids, Luke! Something’s gotta be done about their kids…

(Landspeeders no need no roads. Somewhere a jawa sighs).

…Tinky-Winky Finnegan-Beginagain flees across the dunes of Tattoinesquey-pesky and Luke follows him into the sunsets…


I’ve never loved anything by Abrams. The story in TFA was pretty stupid in retrospect. I did kinda enjoy the movie because the cast did what they could. Rey was a badass.


Me neither. But I’ve mildly liked a lot of his stuff. So… could be better, could be worse.


It is an issue, I have never seen anything from Abrams I have disliked or thought was bad but it is hard to really love any of it. The first half of Super 8 got there but it fell away at the end.

TFA is hard to gauge because I think there’s an element of the irrational to my viewing of Star Wars. He played on all the nostalgia vibes, I am going to be terribly excited at the sight of the Millennium Falcon doing a fly-by, I would almost certainly enjoy 90 minutes of just that, on a loop, accompanied by the John Williams soundtrack, more than a lot of other films. :smile:



The first Star Trek reboot film was quite good. I rewatched it at some point in the last year and thought it held up—I enjoy the look of it, Abrams handles the action well, and there are decent character moments as well.


For those interested, here’s my and a few other’s take on the Ep Ix news:



Exactly. “Quite good”.


It’s becoming apparent that the upcoming Star Wars: A Certain Point of View might be something quite special.

As part of this, a full cast audio version is being done which clocks in at EDIT: 12 hours.

The Empire (amazon) has just dropped the price for this down to £26.65.



Or you could just pay £7.99 for a month of Audible, and then cancel.


There’s just something I really don’t like about subscription services - I can’t quantify or explain it further, just something that resists it.