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Star Wars Movie Thread


I assume when he waters his garden he’ll just tangle up the legs in the hose.


Deadline hears the studio is in talks with JJ Abrams, and sources said they are trying to work out a deal for him to return. This is expected to happen today.


Ha, I called it upthread after Trevorrow was bounced.


Interesting that Johnson turned them down.


:laughing: So the guy who just threw a load of stuff out there, thinking he’d never have to follow it up on it because some other guy would do it, will now do so?

I find that hilarious.

EDIT: Site updated to say this is now a done deal.


The official statement:


I think sometimes it’s just the more recent manic schedules. Much was made of Branagh not doing Thor 2 but his reasoning was pretty straighforward, He had to commit straight away and wanted to do other things first. No great falling out and he remained as a producer.

The same happened with Gary Ross on the Hunger Games, he said he wanted a break and they asked for a sequel within 18 months. It’s a modern phenomenon to an extent that directors are asked to just do one thing. David Yates seems happy to do that with Harry Potter and spinoffs but not many more.

It may be the best solution is to alternate.


I’m gonna say it - Luke is toast.

There’s no one else left to kill off.


Yes, I think you’re probably right. Johnson has spent years making The Last Jedi - asking him to jump straight back in again and get IX made in under two years is probably asking too much.


Yup and logistics come into play too. I know from Sanjay that they are fine tuning this stuff in editing suites a week or two before release. That leaves no time to work on a sequel script. Assumptions made of course but Abrams could start tomorrow.


I’m still expecting a bump back to Christmas 2019 though. :slight_smile:


GAR! you have just doomed Sanjay. His NDA has been activated and the hunter killer drones have locked in on him. :scream:


His NDA is fine. I could release a lot of other stuff that would doom him (not really).

(To be fair he’s used by now to living a tight lipped lifestyle, we get very little other than the odd bit of notice a trailer may drop). :smile:


Now, now, the Empire doesn’t use drones, that’s Skynet - it’ll be Stormtroopers that have been despatched.


If Sanjay ain’t blabbing here he’s probably a pretty safe bet on the NDA. And it’s true, the last weeks of a big production are like neurosurgery - with far too many surgeons. Sometimes, the patient doesn’t make it. Sometimes, the doctor doesn’t make it.

As we have seen, particularly with Suicide Squad, prep time is critical - particularly the script.


Sanjay enjoys keeping his secrets, he would’ve been a great spy in another life.

Unless his day job is really a cover…? :open_mouth:



Yeah, and say about Abrams what you will (and I sure will do that), but he’s very competent at quickly producing competently made work.

I hope Jonson’s will be more special and unique than what I expect from Abrams, but it’s probably a good thing that this is in JJ’s hands now.


Ugh. Well that made my expectations for ep IX plummet into the ground.


To nobody’s surprise: