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Star Wars Movie Thread


There’s been a lot of web activity around the topics of Trevorrow’s handling of women characters and his suitability for a film like Ep 9 over the last 3-4 months. Clearly it reached a level where LFL felt they couldn’t ignore it.

EDIT: A lot of it got sparked by his film The Book of Henry:

People looked at that film and started asking the question if this was the right person to direct Ep 9.


I’ve seen people joke about The Book of Henry but I wonder how serious those rumors could possibly be. It’s not like the publics actually watched that movie and it seems awfully unforgiving, and uncharacteristic, on the part of Disney to ding him because he made a bad movie that nobody saw just a year after Jurassic World.


You know how we were talking about the possible impact of Whedon’s infidelity on Justice League and the general consensus was it wouldn’t matter, the scandal wouldn’t hang around long enough to generate enough momentum to do anything?

Well, this is similar but the other around - it hasn’t gone away and it’s not likely to. Why? In part it could be said far more scrutiny gets applied to Star Wars films than superheroes.


Is a bad movie that nobody saw really a scandal though? It arguably went away the week after it opened.

It’s entirely possible that the SW producers saw something in that film where they thought “wow this isn’t the guy to direct Star Wars” but I have a hard time believing that it’s happening the way the internet is framing it.

Don’t get me wrong I think Jurassic World and even Safety Not Guaranteed were not very good so I’m not defending the guy. At this point though the Disney SW franchise has a pretty poor track record of working with directors…5 films and major problems with directors on 3 of them.


They have an even worse hit-rate than Marvel with this stuff!

I am sorta relieved by the news (not being a fan of his work), but sorta disappointed by how corporate the final product is going to be.


Don’t forget Trank. But I’m glad Disney is scrutinizing the compatibility issues. Star Wars fans have proven fickle. Even though not a single movie in the series has been a flop (except maybe the Clone Wars animated movie), they generate strong opinions one way or another. This can easily combust in the new era, and Disney understands that. They heard what fans wanted based off the prequels, and that’s what they’ve been delivering. The last thing Disney wants is the most surefire blockbuster franchise in history imploding on its watch. As long as their maneuvering keeps producing the results they want (big box office, favorable fan opinions), I don’t think they’re going to deviate from their approach. Rogue One came and went with considerable revisions, and clearly the approach worked.


I’m not sure the approach worked with Rogue One but that’s debatable either way.


Me too. I think we’ve seen it a couple of times already, they like to have a lot of control and are happy to jettison a director if he’s not delivering what they want.

As others have said he was always the least inspiring of the choices for me anyway.


Total left-field idle speculation but maybe they’re trying to lure J.J. Abrams back too. Abrams has said he wished he’d stayed on the franchise, it’s impossible to imagine a new Star Wars film garnering as much goodwill as Force Awakens, and they probably really want to stick the landing on this new trilogy. Abrams has nothing on his slate director-wise (per imdb).

Anyway, not basing this on anything I’ve read or heard—just musing aloud.


Could be at this moment, or they’ve enjoyed working with Rian Johnson so much they wanted to keep him on. It should be a big payday for any of the directors and they aren’t beholden to changing with every film.


Abrams is very expensive, is he worth it? He was for ‘Force Awakens’, at from Disney’s POV.

As for Treverow; I don’t get why he became the next big thing? ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ is a nice little film, I enjoyed it, but it didn’t say blockbuster filmmaker to me.

It didn’t even say that he was someone who could treat blockbuster ideas in a quirky way. It was a quirky, indie film that hung it’s story on a scifi idea, and did it well, but that’s all.

If Disney are letting him go/firing him then it has be more than that though. They must not have been on the same page at all.


And yet, Jurassic World was hugely successful. Somebody obviously recognised that quality in him.

Honestly, after Jurassic World I thought he was probably a safe pair of hands to bring this Star Wars trilogy in to land without rocking the boat too much. Obviously he wasn’t the right man for the job though.


If anyone can afford it they can though I’d assume. A Star Wars main story film is pretty much guaranteed to bust a billion dollars, it’s about the only franchise where that number would be a huge disappointment.


This is from July.

I don’t think it’s outside the realms of possibility that they bring Johnson back, especially if they’re as happy with his work as they seem to be.

I guess they may push back the release date for IX from the current plan of May 2019 to Christmas 2019 if they do.


I wonder if they might have done that anyway. They seem to have a free run at that Christmas slot.


Yes. I think at one point it was looking like the next Avatar might be coming out then (which might be why they avoided it when scheduling the SW movies), but from what I can make out at the moment, the only definite big competition that they’d be facing in that mid-December slot is Wonder Woman 2 (and DC have been known to shift release dates around, especially when a big competitor claims the same ground).

The Last Jedi was originally scheduled for May this year too, so they have form. :slight_smile:


Brad Bird vouched for him, and got him the Jurassic World job.


I sort of felt Jurassic World hit a perfect storm in terms of its success—the China market was in just the right place, Chris Pratt’s career was in the right place, 90s nostalgia was in the right place.

It was a smash but I don’t think many people would claim it’s a good film or that Trevorrow did anything special there, aside from overseeing some nice-enough VFX (which would have been there with or without him). Not that the script was Casablanca.


That’s what I meant with my ‘safe pair of hands’ comment earlier. I agree with your view of the film, but I also feel that’s kind of what Lucasfilm are looking for with their Star Wars movies.

I know Trevorrow had done quite a few rewrites on the IX script lately. I do wonder whether Fisher’s passing forced him to rework his plans considerably, and ultimately he couldn’t find a way of approaching the story that Lucasfilm were happy with.


That’s why you fire a writer, not a director.

Yes he’s both, at least a cowriter, but he could step aside while they brought in a boatload of people to fix those problems.

Going back to Jurassic World, did anyone think it was anything special?

I get hiring Abrams after he gave Star Trek a boost, and I get Johnson after he made ‘Looper’ and showed that he was a genre fan but still had an indie sensibility but I really don’t get Treverrow.

JW looked like it was built from pre existing bits even more than Force Awakens was. I didn’t detect anything different or quirky about it?

Indie directors are hired to sprinkle a little indie seasoning over their studio films.

JW was very bland.