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Star Wars Movie Thread





“We got the whole story of Palpatine’s rise to power in the prequels, but in the original films he’s exactly what he needs to be, which is just ‘The Emperor’” Johnson tells Empire in the new October issue. "He’s a dark force: the scary thing behind the thing. That was entirely how I approached Snoke. I wasn’t interested in explaining where he came from or telling his history, except where it serves this story.”


That’s… a completely contradictory statement. “I don’t reveal anything about him, other than when I reveal things about him.”


I interpreted it as Johnson saying he wasn’t going to delve into backstory for its own sake; that the mystery of Snoke’s identity is only important insomuch as it serves the core story being told.

Which makes sense to me. I think you can make a good case that the prequels detracted from the Emperor’s mystique to a great extent.


The prequels were in large part the story of the emperors rise to power though. So revealing his backstory was a big part of the core story. Johnson’s statement is still contradictory. He’s saying that he’s not interested in revealing anything about Snark, except for when he is. If the core story ties into Snarks backstory then he’s fine with revealing a lot.


Oh I agree, I meant that as a separate point, that revealing too much isn’t always a good idea with this kind of character.

Yes, it’s almost as if he’s being incredibly cagey about what is or isn’t in the movie so as not to give away spoilers, isn’t it.


I initially read the line at the bottom as “Full Metal Jacket in 3D” and thought, “Why?!?” :wink:


I just want the new film to be better, and more of it’s own film.

Snoke might become a fascinating character, but he wasn’t really much in ‘Force Awakens’, He was a substitute for the Emperor in a plot that was a subitute for (largely) ANH, and that’s what Johnson is saying.


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Hey, phrasing


Right, you’re on the Ewok menu, with a nice Chianti.


eee chop yub nub



Said Ripley to the android… damnit, I had something for this


They’ve put some images out of Snoke but I now can’t see him as anything other than an uglier Herr Starr!


Snub-snub, surely?


I don’t know if this is great after everything that’s gone on with the Han Solo film.