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Star Wars Movie Thread


Yes that didn’t escape me either. In the moment the less that happens the longer it seems to take.

It’s funny that I hear a lot of pundits and comedians comment that the 7 month Presidency of Trump seems to have been going on for 10 years because some shit or other seems to appear every day. :smile:


Are you denying Caravan of Courage? That’s a bannable offence around here!


Meadows is really pushing it today.


We did have that, it was called Firefly.


I liked Firefly though, so really, it was Star Wars for people who are me.



That’s certainly an interesting and unexpected choice of director.


I had forgotten the Stephen Daldry directed a lot of The Crown…I really liked that. He would be an interesting choice for this sort of story as a director with a strong dramatic background.


I wanted Danny Boyle for the Obi - Wan film :frowning_face:


I doubt we’ll see Danny Boyle on any Disney movies. Listening to his reflections on ‘The Beach’ he really values his autonomy over a pay cheque or budget.

Saying that I think they’d be better off doing a mid story Obi-Wan film with Ewan McGregor in the role than another prequel with a younger actor. He did a good job.


If they recast him I think that my interest in Disney’s Star Wars would completely flatline.


Yes. Very, very, very, very much so.


One of the tie in novels did that story a couple of years ago. It was basically Obi Wan as a Man with No Name/Shane in a Space Western.


Was it any good?


I enjoyed it. It was a fairly solid little story and dealthe with the idea of him hiding who he really is when he feels his real duty is to fight the Dark Side.

It is Kenobi by John Jackson Miller.


There was also a nice standalone story in the comics that dealt with Kenobi living on Tatooine between episodes III and IV. It was a setup that worked pretty well and could easily be expanded.


The best thing they did with Kenobi was the Darth Maul showdown in Rebels.
That was one of the best moments in Star Wars, easily.


Darth Maul? I thought he was dealt with rather decisively in TPM?


And yet…


I was going to mention this.