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Star Wars Movie Thread


Yep, how did a small company like Dark Horse bag the SW licence? No one cared about it.

Similarly, Bantam and the book strand.

Both hit a gold mine with Dark Empire and Heir to the Empire respectively. Before those came out the Q was if the SW fanbase was dead or simply dormant? The response to both proved that it had been merely snoozing.

After that, the Q for LFL was how to build on the success and it took them a bit of time to work it out.


It was a huge hit, but it wasn’t seen as commerical before it was released. It was dumped by United Artist while in development, passed on by everyone else and only reluctantly released by Universal, who recut the film before they sent it out to the public

It was a very personal little film for Lucas, .He made it because he thought THX1138 had been to heavy for audiences and he wanted to give them something that he liked; small town life and fast cars.


The SNES games were around the same time.


This quote is from around the time he sold Lucasfilm.

“I’m moving away from the company, I’m moving away from all my businesses, I’m finishing all my obligations and I’m going to retire to my garage with my saw and hammer and build hobby movies. I’ve always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theatres.”

I’ve always thought that the implication means that we’ll never get to see whatever fioms he makes next. It means that he essentially went from being Cameron to Godard, in as much time as it took to sell a $4 billion company.


I’m saying that’s not what he did though. He made at least one other commercial style film and has mostly focused on his museum. I think he wants to be the wonk in his garage making films for fun but he also needs the recognition. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of but I feel like he is.


We tend to forget these people are now old. Most civilians just retire at 65 and if you have $2bn in the bank from selling your product to Disney that’s a very easy prospect.

Creatives tend to go on but they don’t have to. Sean Connery hasn’t made a film for a decade or more. He decided he couldn’t be arsed.

If Lucas does fuck all for the rest of his life while sat on a Scrooge McDuck level of cash then good on him. I’d do the same and just book myself on a round the world cruise.


I don’t disagree. It’s the narrative that amuses me.


Yeah, without any new movies, Star Wars died out really quickly in the 80s. The toy line died off and Marvel cancelled their series. This was all around '85 and '86. I think Blackthorne had a 3D Star Wars comic later in the 80s, but it was a Blackthorne series and nobody cared.

Then, in 1991, Timothy Zahn’s novel “Heir to the Empire” was published by Bantam and Dark Horse Comics released the “Dark Empire” miniseries few months later. Interesting bit of trivia here: Dark Empire was originally slated to be released by Marvel Comics in 1990 (it was featured in a retailer preview of upcoming titles like McFarlane’s Spider-Man).

Then the whole thing just exploded and there was a constant stream of novels, comics, toys, and video games that had continued to this day.

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, but it’s really astounding to me that there was only five or six years without Star Wars. Being a kid/teenager at the time, it seemed much longer. Point of fact, the sixteen years between ROTJ and TPM felt like an eternity, yet the eighteen years since TPM came out seems like the blink of an eye.


Yeah, the weird expansion and shrinkage of time as you look back is definitely “getting old” syndrome.

This isn’t a popular opinion but I wish Return of the Jedi was still the last Star Wars film. That’s no doubt “getting old” syndrome too.


Lucas didn’t direct Red Tails or Strange Magic, though. I mean, you can tell why he made them, but they weren’t particularly new material. Red Tails was a kind of real world X-Wing movie, Strange Magic an effort to retell the whole Star Wars story (watch it for yourself if you don’t believe me).

Clearly he didn’t like directing. He didn’t direct two out of the three original films in the Star Wars saga. Then fans complain that he “didn’t have it anymore” with the prequels. There was a time when Terrence Malick went years and years between movies, but now he does about a movie a year, or very close to it (only Woody Allen can maintain a pace like that). I would be perfectly okay with Lucas following the Malick model. If you go back and watch American Graffiti, it’s a lot more Malick than Star Wars, a totally stream of conscious experience.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for his next project. He and Malick are actually the same age. Woody is older than both of them, and Clint Eastwood is nearly fifteen years their senior, but he’s still making movies. So it’s not out of the question for Lucas to direct something again, maybe after the hoopla of the new trilogy is over.


Supposedly he did direct Red Tails even though that is not his name on the credits, kind of like Spielberg with Poltergeist.


All I took from your post is that Disney should let Malick direct a Star Wars spin-off.
I’d pay top dollar to see that.


Heh. Fans would be begging for Jar Jar to make a comeback.:smile:


Apparently he directed reshoots.


I’m thinking Jedi Knight of Cups.


Yeah, same here.


I’m no fan of the prequels (Still haven’t watched Episode III), and liked but didn’t love Rogue One or Force Awakens, but I’m fine with Star Wars being for people who aren’t me.


I read not long back that the variance in perception of time is based on new experiences. The reason it appears to speed up as you get older is because those new experiences normally reduce.

It makes sense, there are entire years at work I can barely remember but the 6 weeks I spent posted to India, which is a real attack on the senses, seems like months in comparison.


It was :slight_smile:


Yeah my not-quite-three-weeks in India felt more like two months.

And it does make sense in general. And it’s funny that it works that way because on the other hand, while you’re experiencing it, time stretches when you’re bored.

So: do new stuff. Okay.