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Star Wars Movie Thread


This really has been a bumper year for genre movies. Alien, blade runner, star wars, multiple marvel and DC movies. We are spoilt.



That’s gotten me excited the way the trailer didn’t. :grinning:
Watching Carrie on screen is going to be tough though


John Boyega’s charming as ever. And I forgot that Laura Dern is going to be in this!


Oh, yeah.

It’s rough watching the OT now. My heart breaks a little every time I see Leia.

Same with Spock in Star Trek and Snape in Harry Potter.


Oh that little clip is amazing. Somebody gif Daisy Ridley’s “I just arrived by helicopter bitchessss!” strut at 1:01, iconic stuff.


Also; space penguins!


Porgs! Nice to finally see them in the flesh.


That was neat. And I like that they’re emphasising that this will be a different kind of Star Wars movie. We’ll see whether it actually is, but it’s good to know that they think that’s how they should market it.

I hadn’t realised until now that this was actually written only by Johnson (after Hamill talked about the story “Ryan” had written, I looked it up and his really are the only credits). That takes some major cojones, for someone filming their first big-budget movie.

But that gives me a lot of hope for that this movie will be what I’d hoped it would - an actually new step in the story, without rehashing anything once again and feeding the nostalgia. And while I don’t think Johnson’s writing is spectacular, it’s pretty good (I liked Brick’s script better than Looper’s) and I am now hoping this will be actually interesting Star Wars movie.


I think we’ve seen that Disney are prepared to step in if they think a film isn’t going well, so they must like Rian’s approach.


Which probably also means it won’t be too daring, but then it doesn’t need to be. It’ll still be Star Wars and give us what we expect from a Star Wars movie, and that’s fine.


Maybe Kasdan was too busy being grumpy on the Han Solo set to see what madness Rian was cooking up?
At least that’s what I’m hoping for.


Official synopsis:


Porgs = The BB-8 cash cow opportunity of TLJ. Pre-order your plush porg now!

Kate Monster: Finally, I get to teach a whole lesson all by myself. And I’m gonna teach something relevant, something modern - the Internet! The Internet is really really great,
Trekkie Monster: For porg!
Kate: I’ve got a fast connection so I don’t have to wait.
Trekkie: For porg!
Kate: What? There’s always some new site.
Trekkie: For porg!
Kate: I browse all day and night.
Trekkie: For porg!
Kate: It’s like I’m surfing at the speed of light…
Trekkie: For porg!
Kate: Trekkie!
Trekkie: The Internet is for porg!
Kate: Trekkie!
Trekkie: The Internet is for porg!
Kate: What are you doing!?
Trekkie: Why you think the net was born? Porg! Porg! Porg!


Mark it NSFW, most employers frown upon looking at online images of Porg in the office.


Look, if you can’t type properly, that’s your problem. Never mind knowing what you should and shouldn’t be looking at while at work.


Rewatching Rogue One (it’s now on Netflix).

Acting wise it is as bad as anything Hayden and Portman did, I’m sorry. Every line lands like a brick.


But … we still have hope, Robert.
Rebellions are built on hope!



Well maybe it’s time we had a NEW hope!


I’d like to think if Fisher had died six months earlier they wouldn’t have ended the film with a ghoulish CGI rendition of her.