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Star Wars Movie Thread


Yeah, but he’s a suave motherfucker. And had been a movie star for a decade before Empire


They have stars for different categories. Lin-Manuel’s is for music and perfomrance. He also has a Pulitzer Prize, 3 Tony Awards, 2 Grammys, an Emmy, has been nominated for an Academy Award and is the the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship. As much as Hamill is one of my favorites of all time and I agree that he should have had one a long time ago, Miranda far outshines him on the achievement level even in film. He’s also likely just getting started.

Edit: I almost forgot. He also has Star Wars cred. He composed a song for The Force Awakens. :wink:

  • Grammies aren’t real awards

  • Force Awakens is not a real Star Wars movie

(Point taken about Lin-Manuel however, although it seems early to give him a star)


That’s fair. If it helps, he’s a genuinely nice guy and works hard for the people around him.


Jeez, where’s my star then?


In that hearts of all Millarworlders. :wink:


A star is a promotional device, it’s not like a regular award, they’re nearly always issued to help promote a new movie, TV show, album or whatever.

Why is he getting one now? Episode VIII is why.


Well, first you have to be a genuinely nice guy and work hard for the people around you…


I’d be nicer if you weren’t all dicks!



Point of order! Ronnie doesn’t speak for all Millarworlders! :smirk:


Because that one guy who forgot Ep VIII was coming out will be reminded when he hears about Hamill’s star :wink:


This thread has suddenly become about completely different star wars.


Strange isn’t it, but you can say that about any part of the promotion of a project.

A star costs $40k and Disney will have paid for Hamill’s.

Considering what they spend on releasing a movie it’s bargain, as it’ll get covered all over the net and other media.


Actually it’s in my job description. :wink:

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If they were making Star Wars Monopoly, then the pieces should have been things like a Dewback, a Rebel on a Tauntaun, Darth Vader’s melted helmet, an X-Wing fighter, a lightsaber, Han’s blaster, R2-D2, and Luke’s landspeeder.


This is exactly why folks make their own board games!


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Oooh. Lots of interesting looking stuff in there.