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Star Wars Movie Thread


That’s a really interesting piece. Very often we don’t really see or understand what producers do in the making of a film and the responsibility. I produced plays many years ago and it was a largely thankless job.


Opie-Ron Kenobi. It all makes sense now!!


I don’t think that’s what anyone wants. If that’s true, then Kennedy and Lucasfilm made the right call.

Han Solo can be a funny character; he’s quick-witted and snarky, but he shouldn’t be zany. There should be a good amount of humor in this movie, but it nedds to be understated and not overwhelming. Sort of like Indiana Jones shooting the guy with the sword, or James Bond tell someone off.


Yes, that’s exactly the kind of the thing.

Maybe they could get that guy to play him.


That guy’s too old and really doesn’t want to be in any of the films people liked watching him in anymore. :wink:


That’s not true, he’s really excited to be returning to the world of Blade Runner. He said so himself.


Can you really trust anything he says though? He is an actor after all.


Or is he a replicant?

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What is a replicant but a machine acting like a person?


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Thanks Ronnie! :innocent:


Yeah, I think they would go just a few steps before a Guardians of the Galaxy level of comedy but no further.


A little piece on the Solo change I contributed to:


Well, Ben, that there is a whole lotta words expressing a very low level of excitement.

Which seems somehow appropriate.


Well, if you want the standard internet hyperbole, that’s easy to find…


I had a pretty good time watching TFA the first time, but on a rewatch it really falls apart.

Still like the actors though. They did what they could with a very mediocre story.




Seems legit.:grin: