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Star Wars Movie Thread


Already posted in the general movie news thread, but in case anyone missed it:

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Star Wars Question

Ta. I may have watched it more than once already :wink:


I can’t see Mon Mothma without thinking of Dara O Briain’s bit on “Many Bothans Died To Bring Us This Information.”


When is the actual trailer coming out?
Edit: Never mind. I thought this was just the 10-second thing.


Okay, yeah. That looks kind of awesome.


Who’s playing Mon Mothma? Great likeness for the original actress.


That looks amazing. (imo better, or at least more interesting, than Force Awakens, but anyway)

Donnie Yen action!


Yeah, I’ll agree with that part.

I am curiously excited to see that movie. Huh.

Say, Forest Whittaker has done the weird emphasis thing before, right? Seems very familiar. But great nevertheless.


That teaser did absolutely nothing for me.

Considering I thought The Force Awakens was a total failure, I am pretty much considering Star Wars dead to me.


Todd has become such a grumpy Todd when it comes to the Star Wars! Grumpy, grumpy Todd!


Donnie Yen vs. some AT-ATs would be cool. Even grumpy Todd would have to admit that.


Yep. I like that it’s already set out a distinctive tone while still feeling like it’s rooted in the Star Wars universe. I think it could work really well.


I liked the Gareth Edwards trademark of that Walker section which puts you in the bystander’s role. I think it looks great.

Todd is a miserable git.


Nah. I saw action like that 36 years ago when I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first time.


He’s not interested until the Love Boat and Fantasy Island come back.


Grumpy Todd is grumpy. I was thinking more along the lines of Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak elephant scene, Force Unleashed style.


He would just complain how much better the originals were. :wink:


Is this going to be another Predator thing all over again?


That looks amazing.


I already skipped the 90s revival attempts on those.