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I’ve never been that fond of reading Star Wars comics and books as I feel they’re not considered canon, and with Disney/Marvel’s takeover of the franchise, a lot of the old stories aren’t.
As a kid I read Crimson Empire and that was about it. I’ve started reading some of the new Marvel stuff (OK just the Chewie book…) and I’m wondering if there’s any old or new stories that I’m missing out on that anyone would recommend, comic or novel.


OK then, my recommendations would be:

Marvel’s core 2 SW books - SW and Vader - work really well read together, Vader responds to what goes on in SW.

Shattered Empire - Rucka and Checchetto do a great job on this one.

Kanan - If you’ve enjoyed Rebels, you’ll like this.

Of Dark Horse’s stuff, now deemed Legends, should be on Marvel Unlimited the ones I enjoyed were:

Legacy: Volumes 1 and 2

Knights of the Old Republic

Agent of the Empire

Blood Lines


Knight Errant

Republic: Select arcs, basically the Quinlan Vos saga.

Dark Times

Darth Vader & The Ghost Prison



Classic Star Wars - Goodwin & Williamson

Dark Empire

Probably think up a few more later.


Thanks! I had the first issue of the new Star Wars series but figured I’d wait for the trades. Will check it out. And I’ve heard good things about Shattered Empire, Rucka’s a good writer.

I’ll have to delve into some of the older Dark Horse stuff too. Thanks!


The Star Wars books coming out of Marvel are fantastic - best books from Marvel in the last few years in my opinion. Couldn’t recommend them any higher.

And now’s the time to mention Marvel Digital has a huge ton of Star Wars comics - hundreds of books for $5 a month!


I’ve been reading them through the Marvel Unlimited app. I find them a little touch and go (stuff like Lando and Chewie is not on the app yet), but man, that Darth Vader series is so good. The best series Marvel publishes aside from Aaron’s Thor.

It is a compelling story, it nicely expands the SW universe, and every single detail that references the first 6 films makes such natural, logical sense that it feels inevitable.


I know the old Darkhorse ones are now in their own universe, there’s also THE StarWars which is comic based on the original script and designs, which Marvel is reprinting soon!


You might have noticed I’m a tradewaiter too.

While the first trades of Star Wars and Vader are out, with the second ones of each due Jan 2016, it’s been found out that Marvel will be issuing an OHC of Star Wars Sept 2016, covering the first 12 issues! A Vader OHC seems likely but has not yet been found.

For anyone who has liked Marvel’s new output, I’d recommend Star Wars: The Marvel Covers: Volume 1. It’s a great OHC art collection with interviews.


Funnily enough The Star Wars is one that I did get as a monthly, the artwork is fantastic and I love how different yet similar it is to original film.


Darth Vader has never been a character that I’ve been that interested in, always prefer the heroes to the villains. But if it’s really that good I may have to check it out. I think the prequel films may be another reason I dislike him, and recently I always think of the fact in revenge of the sith he slaughters a bunch of children at the Jedi temple.


Dark Horse put out some GREAT Star Wars comics. I particularly enjoyed Knights of the Old Republic (mostly because I loved the video games) and Rebellion. Oh, and anything written by Josh Dysart…


One of the genius things about KOTOR is it worked if you had or hadn’t played the game - I hadn’t.


Marvel is actually reprinting Starwars comics right now in epic collections!


Yeah, though be attentive to the contents, some collections are a real grab-bag of the great and the crap.


Anyone read the Leia trade? I just read issue 1 and liked it, but am wondering if the rest of the series holds up.


It’s OK, but given who they’ve got on it - Waid & Dodson - it ought to be better.

Shattered Empire by Rucka and Checchetto is great, though the trade is shamelessly padded.


I read it. I liked it. It is a quite slight story, built to showcase Leia in ways that the movie doesn’t. There are a couple of nods to the other movies, but nothing too cloying. And it doesn’t feel out of step with the movies either.

It isn’t my favourite of the Star Wars comics that Marvel has been doing (which is Darth Vader btw), but it is a solid read.


Thanks for the recommendation!


Thanks for the rec! What does it mean to pad a trade? I’m a bit of a newbie to the comic lingo.


I didn’t think the Leia mini series was Waid or Dodson’s best work, but it was enjoyable, at least.


The SE mini was 4 issues, but Marvel added a reprint of Star Wars #1 from 1977 and Princess Leia #1 to make it look bigger, then charged accordingly!

It has an RRP of £12.99 for what is a 4-issue story, it should be £10.99 / $14.99 but Marvel are shamelessly greedy bastards.