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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back



It’s a really cool gimmick though. You’ll want them to make a whole season after you see it.
The documentary is pretty fun overall, so definitely don’t let anything put you off of watching it. If you’re a big DS9 fan, I imagine you’ll get a lot out of it.



Evagora, a Melbourne, Australia, native, is the youngest of seen siblings.

Is he the oldest of the unseen siblings?


That remains to be seen.


But once seen it can never be unseen.


I’m sure someone will see to that.


I see four lights.



Man, these last two seasons of Deep Space 9 really love the character Vic Fontaine.


Why not just a Statue of Colm Meaney? he did a number of roles other than Chief O’brien that deserve to be recognized.


His role in Con Air gets my vote then.


The Vic episodes, I find, are almost all eminently skippable on a rewatch.


I may have tried to sell Laura on signing by telling her she could imagine it was a statue of Jimmy Rabbite’s dad


Did Colm Meaney take part in the assault on Vandros IV??

No. No he did not.


That you know of. Colm is not cleared to talk about anything to do with Vandros IV.