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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


I can’t say I’m terribly interested in animated Star Trek series.

Lower Decks might have interested me if it was live action; too bad Seth McFarlane’s Orville came out a year ago. He could have pitched it to Paramount as a Trek series.




Coming to the end of my Deep Space 9 rewatch as I started season 7 last week. The baseball episode is simultaneously a bit cringy and absolutely brilliant.


How are you feeling about it as a whole?

Also, what is in your plans to watch next to fill the DS9 void? You’ve fair ploughed through it.


As a whole, it’s heald up really well. There was a run of poor episodes at the back end of S6 (Quark in drag, cavegirl Molly, kids commanding a ship) but that really been the inly blip in the second half of the whole show. The overarching Dominion War story keeps things ticking over without being over bearing. It’s helped set a darker tone without getting took depressing. The main draw has, as always, been the characters. I’m going to miss them when this ends.

Once this is done Ive no idea what’s next. Potentially Twin Peaks as I’ve still not seen the new series.


If you have Amazon Prime, go for The Expanse if you want brilliant but very, very different SF.

One of the things that stood out about that one at the time was the extent it followed through - the ship gets destroyed, over 90% of the crew dead, with the Jem’Hadar shooting escape pods too.



Great, now Frere Jacques is stuck in my head!


You’re welcome?


Oh ouais, merci.


It’s also not a flute.



Casting MillarWorld members, I want Frakes to play me! (He replaced Christopher Lee.)


I’d rather it was Frakes to get off on the strongest possible start


Frakes is directing episodes of the Picard show.


Side note: Robert Duncan McNeill AKA Tom Paris was an Executive Producer on Fox’s X-Men series, The Gifted. He also did some directing for it, too.


On the first episode I meant

Often a big, new series will go with a well known and established name


Oh got you.

I don’t know. I thought Frakes’ episodes in season 1 of Discovery were some of the weaker ones so I’m okay with them going with someone else.