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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Is that John Cena?


Its Tom Hardy. Who of course played young Picard in Nemesis. He obviously wasn’t as buff then though.


You have probably seen them in stuff and don’t realize. That’s what imdb is for :grin:


Meryl Streep



Knew that. Wonder if he ever invited Whoopi (when she was playing Guinan) to go for a flight. With Whoopi’s well-known fear of flying, that could have been quite the scene.



Naturally, Stewart declined to share any of those answers with us. But he did reveal a few tantalizing details. For starters, this new series will tell one long tale instead of Next Generation ‘s episodic structure. “They are writing a 10-hour movie,” the actor says, referring to the writers’ room headed up by Discovery showrunner, Alex Kurtzman. Earlier this year, Kurtzman shared that the still-untitled Picard series will take place after the destruction of the Romulan Empire, an event that throws Picard’s life into turmoil. And that turmoil may take more than 10 episodes to resolve. “We’re hoping for more than one season,” Stewart volunteered.


I absolutely hate the phrase “10-hour movie.” A 10-hour movie would be awful. Write TV episodes.


While I’m not suggesting the writers of Old Man Picard are up to it, Twin Peaks proves that you can do long-form narratives on TV with little or no episodic structure.


It’s still divided up into episodes though. Separate chunks.

Even if people choose to binge it, a ten-episode tv series isn’t the same thing as a 10-hour movie.


I think it is clear he is saying it in comparison to what TNG was.


Franks’ also revealed that Picard won’t be a Captain in the new series.


He couldn’t keep dodging promotion forever…


I guess Ambassador.

It’s hard to give TV like that a better analogy unfortunately as people are so used to episodic television or continued narrative. I imagine some blogger will coin a term sooner or later.


It’s as if Stewart doesn’t know the term “serial”, which is quite a feat for someone who’s been acting as long as he has.


I would still love to see one solid cut of Twin Peaks The Return with no breaks.


Whereas I hate the phrase “headed up by Alex Kurtzman”.


They really need to have Shatner do Bohemian Rhapsody again, next to Malek, just to see his face.