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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


This has all drifted off the point a bit, which is; would Paramount reboot TNG?

Would they think it was worth the time and money to start recasting Picard and Riker etc. and would they believe that would generate interest in the general public and make them the kind of money they’re looking for when the new version was released?

My opinion is, no. It wouldn’t.

And that they know that.


It’s called the Orville. It’s popular but terrible :confused:


You redo “The Best of Both World’s” I guarantee there’s interest. TNG fans probably aren’t as protective of that as TOS fans are of Khan, and it already had the most successful TNG movie (First Contact). It’s an iconic story that goes beyond Star Trek.


A TNG reboot ala nuTrek is unlikely for the simple fact that the TNG films were never as successful as the TOS films.

The only way I see a TNG reboot happening is if they would have done a TOS/TNG crossover in a nuTrek movie, and if audiences responded well to it, then nuTNG would get its own series of films.


What about in 5 years when half of Disney’s output is set in space?


Making “another space movie” isn’t going to guarantee a hit.


There’s a ton of different factors there, including it still being literally on TV with TV actors playing the roles with no big stars. And even than only one bombed. You put out a reboot with recognizable and sexy actors and you have Trek fans and geeks as coverage for the majority of your budget already, just like the TOS reboots.


You are garunteed to cover a great deal of your costs with a Trek movie though as you already have a fan base, you aren’t starting from scratch.

It’s a space movie with a head start, if space movies are popular in 5 years when Marvel go even more cosmic then it makes sense to roll out a space franchise, especially if Star Wars is dipping in favour.


I think it’s a stretch to assume that just because Marvel go into space more, that other space films will be popular as well.


Space movies are already popular, Marvel in Space will make them more so. The issue is the expense and trying to compete with Star Wars. As TNG is part of the Star Trek franchise it has less to worry about with expense and as I’ve already mentioned, a downturn in Star Wars fandom leaves an exploitable gap in the market.


I think it makes less sense to reboot the Krik/Spock/McCoy again so soon though.
I think this is probably it as far as Star Trek movies are concerned.

And to be honest, the original movies, and the TNG movies worked and did quite well simply because there was a successful TV show feeding into the movies at the time. Meaning that the best shot to do another Trek movie would probably be if Disco keeps going for another few seasons to then do a Disco movie.


While not without it’s risks, I think it might be better to try a ST movie with new characters. Set it in the future past TNG/DS9/VOY.


I’m a lifelong Star Trek fan but if I had money to invest in a film I wouldn’t spend it on a Star Trek movie.

Star Trek doesn’t have the broad appeal that some other IP does. I don’t know why? It’s got a great fanbase and makes a lot of money generally, but when it comes to the movies it’s just got a ceiling that no-one and nothing seems to break it.

The last one had James Wan directing and a really big budget and it was still not a hit.

But Aquaman is.

Maybe Jason Momoa should play Kirk?


At worst, they’ll just wait another 20 years


Yeah but you don’t need every movie to be Aquaman unless you are competing with that level. You can do a bunch of TNG reboots safe in the knowledge that they will at least cover themselves and bring back cash down the road for years to come as part of the franchise. It’s as safe as bet as you can get and if you really play your cards right, who knows?

Plus you can just cast Jason Mamoa as Q.


A major studio making big scifi movies is competing at that level.

Only if they keep the budget down, in which case they’re not making cinema movies, they’re making more TV.

He’d make a great Klingon.


Yet 4-500 million for the TOS reboots is considered a success. Not every movie needs to hit a billion. Or anywhere close. Especially not a franchise movie like Star Trek.

You can make a great cinema TNG movie for 150 million. About 60 million was the top end of the others.

He would.


It was Justin Lin, who did the “better” Fast and Furious films, but I see your point.

Hopefully we can all agree that Beyond was better than Aquaman, in any case. In fact, I remember Beyond as a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing summer. It didn’t really deserve the low box office numbers.

I love the cast that these movies have, and could easily watch another two or three films with them. I don’t want to say goodbye to this crew yet.



Don’t ask me to join the pub quiz team, ok? :zipper_mouth_face:


Or, I haven’t even heard of nine of those actors :confused: