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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


I wonder if they’ll include the events of the Prelude to Star Trek comics.


Mmm maybe. If they even ask Brent Spinner to appear, we may get an answer to that.


Well, he said he was done playing Data after Nemesis, but you know, the tenth Rule of Acquisition and all that.


You mean that the general public don’t say or recognise:
“Chief O’brien, two to beam aboard.”

Yeah, I can see your point.


Well, obviously, Data’s dead! He could still play B-4.

Probably not though.


Daniel Kaluuya is my choice for Geordi, by the way.


All bets are off when it comes to what the general public do and don’t pick up on.

I’m not sure what they are, but I’m certain Trek has the equivalent of Mon Mothma, who turned up in Rogue One trailers and that got far more attention than expected.


True. That’s a quote all us geeks say regularly when referring to TNG.



In all seriousness though, “Engage,” “Make it so,” and “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot,” are all well within the public consciousness.


Why hide those beautiful eyes.


He was on my list too but I thought he’d be more expensive than glover and less fun in scenes with Data.


If you have whoever is playing Picard facepalm in the trailer the internet would lose its shit.


I have a friend who is into plenty of “geek” stuff (he sees most of the superhero movies, is a Star Wars fan, a fairly big gamer) and he’s familiar with the reboot movies (having watched them all together, on the tv and in the cinema). He’s watched the odd episode of TOS and the first four Trek films, but he would never call himself a big Trek fan. When I mentioned The Next Generation to him, he knew that it was the thing with Patrick Stewart, but thought that it was a reboot and he was just playing Kirk again.

So yeah, I wouldn’t bet on the Next Generation being as culturally entrenched as you think it is.


He’s the only person I’ve ever heard of that doesn’t know there is a difference between Picard and Kirk even if they don’t remember their names so I’m not sure I can trust him as a sample of the general public.


You know sometimes I think people forget just how successful TNG was.

The Next Generation ‘s average of 20 million viewers often exceeded both existing syndication successes such as Wheel of Fortune and network hits including Cheers and L.A. Law . Benefiting in part from many stations’ decision to air each new episode twice in a week, it consistently ranked in the top ten among hour-long dramas, and networks could not prevent affiliates from preempting their shows with The Next Generation or other dramas that imitated its syndication strategy.[22][18]:124 Star Trek: The Next Generation received 18 Emmy Awardsand, in its seventh season, became the first and only syndicated television show to be nominated for the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series. It was nominated for three Hugo Awards and won two. The first-season episode “The Big Goodbye” also won the Peabody Award for excellence in television programming.

The new show indeed performed well; the pilot’s ratings were higher than those of many network programs,[21] and ratings remained comparable to network shows by the end of the first season, despite the handicap of each station airing the show on a different day and time, often outside prime time. By the end of the first season, Paramount reportedly received $1 million for advertising per episode, more than the roughly $800,000 fee that networks typically paid for a one-hour show;[17] by 1992, when the budget for each episode had risen to almost $2 million,[22] the studio earned $90 million from advertising annually from first-run episodes, with each 30-second commercial selling for $115,000 to $150,000.[23][24] The show had a 40% return on investment for Paramount, with $30 to $60 million in annual upfront net profit for first-run episodes and another $70 million for strippingrights for each of the about 100 episodes then available, so did not need overseas sales to be successful.[23]


Make nuGeordie deaf instead of blind and put a Lobot thing on his head.


Are they going “Luke Skywalker” Picard?



So admittedly he’s really only familiar with stuff from the past decade and a little of what inspired it? Of course he doesn’t! That’s like saying no one would know who Mark Twain is because he hasn’t had a new book out recently.


Paul Rudd?




I’m realizing this sounds combative but it’s not meant to be. I’m also realizing thinking about it that TNG did not have the same impact in the UK as the US.