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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


For Voyager don’t go for those two set immediately after the end of Voyager, instead go for Beyer’s series - start with Full Circle and keep going.

If you’re after the main tentpole story then start with the Destiny trilogy and then follow through all the way up to Section 31: Control and Enigma Tales


CBS All Access has ordered two more installments of shortform series Star Trek: Short Treks — both of which will be animated. Both installments will debut in the spring, after Star Trek: Discovery wraps its second season on CBS All Access.



They could save some money by rebooting again. Actor salaries are definitely a factor, but the films do have to compete with movies that also have very large budgets.

They can’t go too cheap or they’ll be wasting what money they do spend.


Star Trek has always worked best as a TV series. It might be best if they put the movies back on ice again.


As a viewer of ‘Enterprise’ and, before that, ‘Voyager’ I have to disagree.


They made a truly great movie with Star Trek (reboot) and followed that up with 2 subpar movies.

If the Tarantino script lends itself to another reboot then I’m all for going that route.
Just figure out who is leading the franchise (as JJ’s focus went elsewhere when he got the job he wanted).


The movies starting with Star Trek V to the present have been mediocre at best.



A reboot of TNG would be fun. With James McAvoy, Dylan O’Brian*, Hailee Steinfeld, Paul Dano, Winston Duke, Donald Glover, Kate Mara, Cara Delevigne, Danai Gurira, Chris O’Dowd, Ruby Rose and Millie Bobby Brown because fuck Will Wheaton.

If you can’t guess who they are playing straight away you’re not a real fan.

*Google him in a beard


Oh, and Bo Burnham as Barclay.


McAvoy’s too easy. Won’t mention him.

Steinfeld as Deanna Troi
Dano as Data
Duke as Worf
Glover as Geordi LaForge
Mara as Beverly Crusher
Delevigne as Tasha Yar/Sela
Gurira as Guinan
O’Dowd as O’Brien
Brown as Wesley?

I was stumped on Rose.


Please revise that statement.

Thanks, Starfleet Command.


Scarlet Johansson as Benjamin Sisko


I’ll not say as I’m sure someone will get it. She’d be playing one of my favourite Trek characters though, albeit not a major one. Though she nearly was.


Ensign Robin Lefler or Ensign Ro Laren

Star Trek Generations was pretty decent.


I want Felicia Day for Beverly Crusher.

Reboot TNG:

Picard - Vin Diesel (Be different!) or Jude Law (Be safe!)
Riker - Richard Madden
Data - Tom Hiddleston
Dr. Crusher - Felicia Day
Troi - Mila Kunis
Worf - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Geordi - John Boyega
Q - John Barrowman
Guinan - Laverne Cox


ScarJo as Harry Kim


See me after class for extra credit.



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