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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Redletter Media did a treatment for the new Picard series for the craic and I’d love to see it, it sounds pretty perfect!


Mike’s love of Trek always makes me smile. I do like the idea of bringing the old Galaxy design back.



And the 40 times he was just casually tossed around by the villains.


Worf and Data’s wee relationship was awesome, I’d loved to have seen more of Data as Captain and Worf as First Officer. It was a great dynamic when they used it.



That he just jumped at without hesitation like a boss!



No, we don’t.

Denied, Mr. Worf.







I’ve hit season six of my DS9 rewatch. I’ve not really updated during my rewatch as I’ve not really had anything insightful to say other than “this is good shit.” The rise and fall of Dukat during episodes five and six of this season has been phenomenal though due to an stelar set of performances Marc Alaimo. Oh, and Jeffery Coombs is nothing but a delight when he’s on screen.


That 6-episode arc had a hell of a lot of nerve.

I really like how it built up to that massive battle of Federation vs Dominion-Cardassian fleet that’s twice their size, but then they do this great sense of move and countermove by Sisko and Dukat and then the Klingons turn up!

And yeah, Weyoun’s response is brilliant:

“Sir, the Klingons have broken through our lines”
“Time to start packing”

Trek has a tendency of not allowing the soundtrack to stand out, but they didn’t do that on Sacrifice of Angels, there were some really good themes in the ep, especially at the start.


I quite like how the novels answered the question of where that Jem’Hadar fleet wound up as well


Quoted for truth


After there was strong start to DS9 season 6 there’s been a bit of a lull with episodes featuring a wedding; a humdrum Mirror Universe appearence; and Rain Man in space. Thankfully the tide turns with Magnificent Ferengi. The guest star alone - goddamn Iggy Pop! - is a blast but the episode does that rare thing for Trek which is it actually sticks the landing with a comedy episode.



Why not just show us the whole movie?!

*I’m kidding, that was awesome.


Anyone please recommend me some ST novels…

I was thinking about the 2 novels that take place after Voyager finally gets home.

I read the Q/Trelane novel years ago, Federation, and a few others.

I want to get into reading more next year to break my boredom/monotony which is why I am asking…