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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back



And in the DC comics before the reboot.

Sulu had a one night fling with M’Ress IIRC


DS9 season 2 done. Solid, far more so than TNG season 2.


Slow build through the series and the reveal of The Dominion in the finale.
Mirror universe, in perticularly for sexy Kira and the “Oh shit!” exploding Odo moment.
A couple tiny hints toward Odo’s feeling towards Kira.
Bashir and Dax actually getting to do stuff other than sleaze about and stand about smirking.
Old TNG Klingons.
Obrien and Bashir’s developing relationship.
Flashback to Odo’s first case episode.

Only real lowlights are the Bajor religious politicking. Not bad as such but a bit slow whenever it comes up.


The first few Mirror episodes are great, but there’s some real diminishing returns by the end of the series.


Shattered Mirror was the high point.


A one shot with Picard + Stargazer + Peter David + JK Woodward -> sounds nice

“Twenty years before he took command of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Jean-Luc Picard sat in the captain’s chair of the U.S.S. Stargazer. Picard served with distinction aboard the Stargazer for many years on his way to becoming the most respected captain in Starfleet. But in this early mission, Picard shows us a vulnerable side as well as glimpses of the brilliant tactician he would become.”


The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager Collide for the First Time in Six-Issue Comic Book Crossover


(If you don’t count all those novels)


Solid start to season 3 of DS9 (well, almost bar a Dax episode which was a bit shit). Dominion set out their stall as being some bad dudes and it’s not all dealt with and packed away by the end of the season opening two parter. Lots built on and lots hinted at for the future. The real strong point of the first handful of episodes has to be The House of Quark though, in which Quark becomes the head of a Klingon house, was a standout Ferengi episode. While it had laughs it didn’t really follow the laughing at the Ferengi template most episodes have done in the past. Instead, it’s the absurdity of the situation and the contrast between the two cultures that provides the laughs. There a nice character moment between Rom and Quark at the end too. Also, it’s got Gowron in it and that glower of his is to absolutely die for.




Mary Kay Adams, who played Grilka in The House of Quark and Looking for Pa’rmach in all the Wrong Places also played Na’Toth in the second series of Babylon 5 (though she only showed up in two episodes)


Gowron’s great - wait until you see where that plot goes.

My favourite of the Ds9 Klingons though? Has to be Martok.


Babylon 5 started up on Comet TV (one of the dink digital companies). It’s still a great series, even better with one ep a night. Problem is it runs 10p-11p, and I have that 11:35 late show comedy Jones. Repeats at 1p, right up opposite TMZ. And they could have somewhat more vibrant prints. My old VHS tapes from broadcast were better.



Tom Riker made an appearance in last night’s DS9 episode. I love that a set of stick on sideburns is an effective disguise in the 24th century.


They are if you’re a transporter duplicate. I don’t think, say, Garak could pull it off quite as well.:wink:


Fair enough!

I gave a little chuckle at the end of the episode - which ends with Kira’s heartfelt promise that they’ll get Tom out of the Kardasian prison camp - knowing full well that we never see the character again.


Wow, that must be a really short video :expressionless:


Yes, please.

(At 4:50 for what I’m talking about.)


That’s going to be the visual basis for an upcoming IDW comic.


CBS All Access has handed a two-season series order to Star Trek: Lower Decks , an animated comedy spinoff of the classic sci-fi franchise, TVLine has learned. The new series, developed by Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan, “will focus on the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ships,” according to the official description.

“Mike won our hearts with his first sentence: ‘I want to do a show about the people who put the yellow cartridge in the food replicator so a banana can come out the other end,’” executive producer Alex Kurtzman, who also serves as showrunner of Star Trek: Discovery , said in a statement. “His cat’s name is Riker. His son’s name is Sagan. The man is committed.”

“As a life-long Trekkie, it’s a surreal and wonderful dream come true to be a part of this new era of Star Trek ,” McMahan added. “While Star Trek: Lower Decks is a half-hour, animated show at its core, it’s undeniably Trek — and I promise not to add an episode at the very end that reveals the whole thing took place in a training program.”