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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


She has great chemistry with Odo. And yes, she was a foxy granny.


I’ve just watched this. Damn that was good. Turned to the wife at the start of the episode and went “Cardassians. Space Nazis.” only for the story to totally muddy that black and white description. I love its not afraid to end on a bummer rather than everyone laughing on the bridge as the credits roll.


Ending on a downer is difficult with serial/series TV, because; what do you do next week? Do they all go back to being happy and all return to being friends?

Well DS9 solved that problem by saying everyone, every week, was pretty tense and in a tough situation and not everyone trusted each other or agreed on things.

The status quo was discordant.


Yeah, Duet is a masterpiece in 45 minutes.


And now it begins. Good sailing ahead!


Yeah, this is one of the handful of episodes from season one that felt like DS9 proper.



About six / seven episodes into season 2 of DS9 and while episodes can still occasionally suffer from “early Trek syndrome” the standard has definitely been higher and more consistent than season 1. Only low notes have really been Doc Bashir getting his end away with a woman from a low gravity planet (a race and character we’ve never heard of before and never will hear of again - classic Trek trope there) and the Ferengi woman working as a male. Both still had good moments - establishing the Klingon restaurant on the promenade for example, love the chef! - but the most significant was the mention of the Dominion in the Ferengi episode. What sounds like it could be a throwaway line setting the groundwork for the rest of the rest of the series gave me a little opportunity to smile.



Interestingly, that alien woman was originally conceived as a part of the cast. That episode was made so they could finally use her.


Michael Chabon and Akiva Goldsman is an odd pairing.


Aw, geez! Michael Chabon and Kelley Jones have become twins!


@Lorcan_Nagle, please leave some copies for the rest of Europe.


But the pages of his copies keep getting stuck together.


DS9 season 2 episode 19.

Oh shit. Kang!

I love that this is tying back to early Trek without making a big deal of it. I don’t want to call it an Easter egg as that’d do it a diservice but it is a neat bit of subtle world building / building upon the world that’s there already.


Ah damn, every time he speaks.


Uhura seems to be having a bad hair day :confused:


How do you not recognise Lieutenant M’Ress? She’s from the 70s


Is it one of the animated series characters?

I haven’t watched that since the 70s.


She’s also in the novels (oddly, she and Arex are both in Peter David’s TNG-era novels, both of whom were sent into the future separately) but yeah.