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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back



There’s a lot of little gags like that in the displays and maps in TNG-era Trek, it was a running joke in the art department to put pop culture references in there.


Partly it’s for fun, but it’s also because you’ve got to put SOMETHING there.

Graphic designers use dummy text when laying out documents; “Lorem ipsum dolor sit” etc.

Scifi shows get to mix it up a little. :vulcan_salute:


How far in are you now Bruce?

Have you watched Duet yet?


They would also put stuff like that in those little plaques on the bulkheads in TNG.

One of them said “Don’t tug on Superman’s cape.”


Not yet. My rewatch has slowed down to one episode a night and the wife was watching the Bake Off last night. Last one I watched was about the a runabout with Kai Opaka crashing on a battle planet full of undying Mad Max extras. A bit heavy handed dealing with the unsubtle “war makes monsters of men” theme. Lots of good character moments, especially Major Kira.


Couple DS9 epsidoes last night.

Chief Obrien becomes a shit space Jesus and Dr Bashir gets on his tits. The first plot point is Trek-by-numbers and, as a result, stupid. That second point was interesting though. I don’t think characters were every really openly hostile to each other in TNG so this was something different to see.

The other episode was Progress. This is the first episode that actually felt like DS9. Major Kira being on the side of an oppressive power leading to lots of inner conflict/turmoil that isn’t resolved neatly at the end of the episode. Actual character growth. The Jake/Nog B story about self sealing stem bolts was actually funny rather than stupid.


Keep going.


I really love DS9 because, as its such popular phrase now, defied our expectations of what Star Trek was.

You have a cast with competing agendas and loyalties. It’s on a space station and not a ship. It’s not a one and done dilemma of the week; they have to live with the consequences of their actions. Instead of gallivanting around space, they have to hold stuff together. It’s a real nuts and bolts kind of thing, and gets even moreso when they’re on the frontlines of a war.

And even then, it still throws some of the best one-and-done Star Trek episodes at you like “The Visitor,” “Far Beyond the Stars,” and “The Quickening.”

But it at the same time it never doesn’t feel like Star Trek.


Oh yeah. Stopping never even crossed my mind. I just didn’t expect it to be so ropey to start.


I’m really blinkered when it comes to DS9.

I love the characters so much that I find something to like in most episodes, whereas with TOS and early STNG I found a lot of stuff to be a bit of a struggle at times.

As a result most of it gets a bit of free pass apart from the constant Bajoran religious shit which I found boring at times.

The show does get better as it goes on though and I think season 4 (?) was pretty special


Trek is pretty consistently bad at knowing what it wants to be at the start, DS9’s probably got the best ensemble cast which really helps, but as you note it literally took 3 years for the show to figure itself out.


Last night’s episode: Dr Bashir’s wet dream comes to life.

Not his finest hour.

Everyone else’s imaginations poke through into reality and we end up with a nice wee character moment for Odo.




Loathe as I would be to lose Pine, I became a huge Jackson fan from Fringe.


DS9 double bill.

One with Luxana Troi. Immediate reaction: “Ah for fuck sake.” Her and Odo trapped in an elevator actual elevated her from the Pepe Le Pew BMILF she’s usually portrayed as to an actual character which feelings and shit.

Second one. Weird space stuff makes the crew re-enact an alien mutiny for reasons. Doesn’t matter the episode don’t really explain why it’s the performances that stand out. Evil Kira is dammed foxy / feisty.


I think I’m the only person in the world that enjoys those episodes - but there’s a fair chance that it’s because I do find her alluring as fuck.


Ha! I’ll have to admit there were a couple of figure hugging outfits in this episode that made me go “Oh aye? Hello!” so I can totally understand where you’re coming from with that!


Don’t worry, she’s back to awful in her later appearances.