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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


I would assume that, if the Galaxy class ships are actually going to war, the families would be taken off, or at least given the option of leaving the ship.

We should also consider that we’re dealing with a different values system, and maybe the people of the 24th century wouldn’t consider it problematic to put families into the line of fire like that. I mean, it seems kind of weird and abhorrent to us, but we do things today that don’t raise an eyebrow that would have horrified people three centuries ago.


I’ve watched a half dozen or so DS9 episodes. Feels like it should be called The Chief Obrien Show at the moment. Not a complaint, just a stray observation at how much screen time front and centre Colm Meaney is getting.


I haven’t deliberately avoided it, but it doesn’t seem to have been on any of the TV channels I usually view. And I’m not going to pay for Netflix for a single programme, no matter how much people recommend it. Watching TV just isn’t that important to me :slight_smile:


Couple of things:

  • 22 episodes is a bit more than a programme. :wink:

  • Who said anything about paying? Get free 1-month trial, watch the eps, end trial before the month is up.


But maybe wait until series 3 drops if you’re gonna do that


Still safer than using a holodeck. Which is so fraught with potential danger, I can’t beleive it was ever certified for entertainment purposes.


Was there ever a scene where someone did some thing that should’ve been lethal in a holodeck and the safety systems saved them?

We saw the safety systems can be turned off, so we know they are there.


I doubt if I currently watch as much as 22 hours of television a month. I can’t see any way to binge another 22 while still doing the other things I like to do with my free time. I refer you back to my comment about watching television not being that important to me :slight_smile:

I’m more likely to read the Expanse books. I have the first one waiting for me… it’s not too far down the pile… any month now…


I feel it’s necessary to repost this:

there must be like twenty different counselling groups for non-human engineering students at Starfleet Academy, and every week in every single one of them someone walks in and starts up with a story like “our assignment was to repair a phaser emitter and my one human classmate built a chronometric-flux toaster that toasts bread after you’ve eaten it.”



You want to see the Vulcan Science Academy show emotions AND shit there pants? Ask them about the time they encountered a human from another universe named Rick Sanchez…


The correct English should be ‘shit them there pants’ I think you’ll find.


Statistically speaking, flying’s still the safest way to travel.


Got through a good handful more episodes of season 1 of DS9. The Ferengi are bloody awful (Qwark aside who has actual character). There’s an awful lot of “done in one” and never heard of again stories. The quality consistency is all over the place - there haven’t been any unwatchable episodes but a few that are not good. Actually, the not good ones usually have good elements (either B stories or character moments). Is completely forgotten about the character of security officer Primin - is he going to stick around? (rhetorical question)


I know this is a rewatch but clearly spoilers can be an issue as we forget a lot of details.

Primmin was created because Colm Meaney was off doing a movie and they needed a Star Fleet character to fill in for things he would have done, in terms of story and the Odo vs Star Fleet way of doing things. No, he never came back.


Heh. That explains why I can’t remember him!


The least-remembered recurring character of the series!


Yeah, back in the day, I wasn’t into DS9 in the first season. It was all a bit too much bad soap opera for me. In my memory, that didn’t really change until they discovered the Dominion. And then things took off like hell.


The first season is a lot different from later seasons. Not only was a different creative team in charge, the approach itself was different. There was some firm foundational material and some truly great material (“Duet”), but until the season finale (“In the Hands of the Prophets”), no one realized how completely the concept sold itself, so there was a lot of attempting to fill the traditional Star Trek mold with standalone episodes that had nothing much to do with the central concept, or only paid lip service to it. But then they figured out the Bajorans could produce high drama (enter: Kai Winn) and from there everything else blossomed. So you really can thank the Bajorans, even if their placid demeanor was never embraced the same as stolid Vulcans, maybe because Major Kira didn’t herself follow it. But just try to imagine her holding her tongue!


Yeah. Season one of DS9 definitely feels like season 1 / 2 era TNG (ie a wee bit shit at times). Not unwatchable but not exactly unmissable.