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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


The series by David Weber? Never read them. Weber writes astonishingly good space battles though, at least in his Starfire series (which never has ships engaging in stupid dogfights, they fight in ways that are logical for their weapons technology).


Based on your last posts here? You absolutely should - start with On Basilisk Station.


At this point, it’s hard to care. No matter what Star Trek does when it comes to space battles, it’ll always look daft and boring compared to The Expanse. It’s like, right now nobody else even needs to bother to do battle scenes.


The problem is that “that’s stupid” extends to every aspect of Star Trek combat. The Enterprise should be just replicating drones that are little more than a warp drive, a guidance system and a shield generator and firing them at enemy ships when they’re light-years away, given the tech level the Federation has.


I haven’t seen The Expanse, but it would have to pretty awesome to compete with the battle in the Mutara Nebula (actually fought at close range, but with a good excuse!) or the first Enterprise/Romulan encounter (a perfect example of using the technology in logical ways).




Yes, well there was Trek’s biggest mistake.


Well, if you take it that far, it’s just stupid that nobody is doing a show about The Culture instead of Star Trek :slight_smile:



Replicating is a natural extension of Transporter technology, so really having so low a budget they couldn’t afford to film a shuttle taking off and landing was Trek’s biggest mistake.


Hold on, is that the one based on the books by James Corey? A friend loaned me the first book six months ago. I’m hoping to read it some time within the next decade :expressionless:


Amazon are doing an adaptation of Consider Phlebas.

And really, I could have taken it further. The Federation are easily Type II on the Kardaschev scale, and can convert matter to energy and back again as a regular occurrence - the really ought to have some sort of transporter weapon that dematerialises their opponents (but not like a phaser, obviously)


It is. Haven’t read the books (I know Lorcan has though), but the series is the best sci-fi show since, I don’t know, Firedly I guess.

God, I hope they do it right.

It’s a bit of a shame really that far-future tech hasn’t made it to TV. It really was one of the things plaguing the Trek TV shows, that on the one hand you had replicators, on the other hand most of the teck was on a level that… well, let’s say one moment that stuck in my head was when on DS9, someone planted a bug somewhere to listen in on a conversation, and it was the size of a golfball.


I think Science Fiction on TV has basically been stuck in the Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon/Star Trek paradigm for a long long time. There’s a spaceship, and there’s adventures, and there’s a narrow band of social isues we’ll talk about in that framework if we want to get political. Even shows like Firefly and Babylon 5 or the new Battlestar Galactica stick to that. And every Stargate show wound up having a spaceship in it eventually. To a degree, that mindset of SF sees tecnology as window dressing for the space adventure. Replicators weren’t added to TNG-era Trek because of the storytelling options exploring that tech gave you, they were added to look fancy and compare back to the food cubes in TOS, as shorthand to say “look how much more advanced the Federation is now, 100 years later!”

It’s taken Game of Thrones’ popularity to change that, I commented in the threads for The Expanse and Altered Carbon that you see a certain thoughtfulness in the art design that feels informed by looking at actual space technology (in the case of the Expanse, things like the rubber coverings on hard surfaces, and the location of controls in the Roci), or in thinking through the implications of some tech (like the CTAC armour in Altered Carbon clearly having additional protection around the location of the wearer’s cortical stack), and also in the storytelling, even as a side effect of these just being adapted from novels and therefore having influences outside of TV.


To warn @davidm, just about everyone I know who’s read the books finds a point where they get frustrated and give up. I found the first three or four books highly entertaining, and then kind of off and on until the things I didn’t like heavily outweighed the things I did. I sold off my copies of the books after reading At All Costs.


I tried watching but the audio is so out of whack I couldn’t hear the dialog! Either that, or everyone is mumbling. I gave up.


That’s weird, I didn’t have that problem at all. In spite of not being a native speaker.


I don’t have it with any other Netflix shows, and I’ve read others have the same problem. Maybe you have a better tv than me!


I watched the later episodes of The Expanse’s first season. I saw a fairly interesting show with a fairly interesting cast that sort of relied heavily on atmosphere to sell itself. The tech looks realistic, but at the same time it also looks primitive, everyday. Anytime you see everyday humans in Star Trek, they deal with everyday tech, too. The whole point of Starfleet is that it has the most advanced tech aavailable. You’re going to find yourself confronted with inferior tech, but also in cases like the Borg, infinitely superior tech, and that’s what the Defiant was developed to confront. All that “dogfighting” is about maximum adaptability. But we see almost immediately that the Dominion is a direct match for it. If all things were equal (that’s the whole point of the classic episode “Balance of Terror”), you can do that methodical, cerebral approach to ships fighting each other in space. That’s submarine warfare. But that’s not what you’re going to get when things aren’t equal. That’s modern warfare, as we’ve seen in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq (as far as US wars go). Different tactics mean dirtier fighting.


The closest Star Trek has come to something like that is the mine field Sisko placed in front of the wormhole before they abandoned DS9 to the Cardassians.


Same here (technically my first language is Welsh). :smile:

I was watching it on a Huawei tablet too!