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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


When DS9 originally aired on the BBC I was a bit cold on it and much preferred TNG. I think it was because I didn’t watch either on a regular basis and TNG episodes can be watched as standalone stories. I watched the entirety of DS9 about five or six years ago and while I know how it’s going to pan out I’m very much looking forward to spending time with the characters again.


It has a great group of supporting characters. Not just on the station (although the Ferengi are all excellent and complex characters) but the frequent guests too.

Gul Dukat is terrifically complex.


Garak is another character that gained depth as the series progressed.


It’s what TV can do well, versus film.

Most films devote just enough to the villains to make they believable in context) and when they do too much or too little then the film suffers. It’s not just simple villains that are a problem, overly complex ones get int he way of the hero’s narrative sometimes.

But TV can really give all the characters their moments. The Cardassians remained space Nazis for the most part, but they had more to them that that. They had the ability to do good occasionally, even if their overall system made them do harm the rest of the time.



Headline should be: Star Trek Voyager star thinks Star Trek Voyager film would have been better (and also been a nice pay day). :smile:


DS9 is the only Trek series I never got into. I think I’ve seen maybe two episodes, it just never clicked for me. But I’ve heard nothing but good things over the years, so I’m going to give it another go after I finish up rewatching TNG.


You could probably get by watching a handful of episodes from series 1-3, then start watching “properly” at series 4 when Worf joins the crew, and loop back to the stuff you missed afterwards.

DS9 series 4 might be the best single year of Trek ever IMO, so I am slightly biased.


And S4’s opener certainly starts with off with a bang!

And ends with Sisko kicking a serious amount of arse.


Third season is tops. But you need to see the back stretch of the second season, too, which includes great stuff like “The Wire” (where we begin to learn about Garak), “Blood Oath” (featuring the actors behind three classic series Klingons reprising their roles), “Necessary Evil” (Odo and Kira’s morally ambiguous backstory), and “Crossover” (the show’s first trip to the Mirror Universe).


Where Sisko unveils this:

Was anyone else surprised at what happened when they fired the phasers on Defiant? Until then, ship phasers were… kind of tame.


I loved seeing it in First Contact. But it’s not just a tough little ship, Riker!


I think it was the start of starships dogfighting, which has always really annoyed me. You’ve got wepons of ridiculous power and range and super-advanced computer targetting systems, and your tactic is to swoop around like a 1940s fighter and fire at 100 yards range? It’s stupid.

Even today, military jets don’t dogfight, they sit several miles aways and sedately launch their weapon systems. Back in WW2, warships would exchange radar-guided salvoes at enemies so far away they couldn’t even see them.

The Enterprise acted like a proper warship. Stand off, plot a perfect firing solution, calmly fire, and destroy your enemy.

Late-period Trek ships fought like they were crewed by stupid people who didn’t understand the technology they had.

The Defiant fought like it was piloted by Tom Cruise on amphetamines. It was just utterly stupid. I can’t even say, “Yeah, but it looked cool,” because it was too stupid for cool.



Except that the Picard Maneuver showed that standing off and plotting a perfect firing solution doesn’t really work against ships that can move faster than speed of light.


The Picard Maneuver works if your opponent has sensors so primitive that they can’t understand faster-than-light speeds, true. To be honest, if I was in the Enterprise and facing an opponent that primitive, I wouldn’t be that worried.


I’m also unsure how dogfighting at 100 yards range works against an enemy who could accelerate away at faster than light speeds. So even if you accept that FTL ability is a valid reason for not fighting at long ranges, it’s also another reason for why dogfighting is stupid.


It does look cool though.


And that’s all that matters.


It sounds cool, too.

I just can’t figure out whether it’s a heat blast or a concussive blast…


Aka Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. :wink:

Quite seriously David, if you haven’t already, you ought to check out the Honorverse.