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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


The Picard-is-having-a-hard-time-dealing-with-that bits in Generations were clearly the movie’s attempt to showcase Stewart’s acting on a movie scale, and I appreciate that.


He’s a retired captain, he’s an omnipotent being, together… they fight crime!


12/10 would watch.


Chances of us finding out, in the interim, that Picard has grown disillusioned with the Federation, torn up the prime directive, and is now a bitter, xenophobic old man?



When you think about it, it was basically an old racist tweet that got entered into evidence against Kirk during his trial in Star Trek VI.


As anticipated:

2013’s Star Trek Stellar Cartography map book brought a great series of futuristic star charts covering vast swaths of the Alpha Quadrant — and in a new update coming later this fall, Larry Nemecek’s astronomy guide comes back to print with expanded and revised details tying into Star Trek: Discovery.



Nichelle Nichols, actress who portrayed the iconic Lieutenant Uhura in ‘Star Trek,’ diagnosed with dementia


Damn. I hope she gets the best treatment.

It’s crap that this sort of information ends up in the public eye. Tracing this back it’s TMZ going through court documents. :expressionless:





Translation; Pine and Hemsworth want the deal they signed, the studio wants them to take pay cuts.

I understand both sides, Paramount knows that Star Trek films have a ceiling, which they hadn’t realised when they signed the deals. They don’t want to make the films look less spectacular, so they’re trying to cut what they can off the above the line costs rather than the props, sets, locations and VFX etc.

But Pine and Hemsworth have a deal they signed and careers outside Star Trek and if they take this pay cut it won’t be the last they’ll be asked to take. It’ll set a precedent.

I hope they find a way around it. The films are fun and both actors are very well cast.


Me too. Without Pine I wonder if another movie would even go ahead. Recasting at this point would be a bit of a break with the previous films.

Unless they want to go back and split the timeline again…


I’m a bit surprised at the Star Trek ceiling. Given the reboot, the cast and the accessibility of the new films, I would have thought they would do much better. But, at those kind of numbers it’s got to be a disappointment to Paramount.


I wonder if part of the problem is that this accessibility is only apparent once you watch it. From the outside it maybe looks like just another Star Trek film, and a lot of the audience might be put off just by that.


I think they did a fantastic job promoting the films, starting with the 2009 one. The trailers still look amazing and very easy to relate to. They chose classic life lesson themes and built the films around them.

Star Trek just doesn’t have the universal appeal of some other franchises.