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Star Trekkin' Across the Universe: Picard is Pic-back


Maybe it’ll just be eight episodes of Picard making wine in his vineyard in France. I’d probably still watch it.


Here’s one of the original articles. Definitely says limited series.


Excellent news.

Only one downside, probably not getting that last Voyager book from her any time soon.


So apparently Patrick Stewart made some comments during the live announcement:

  • it’s set 20 years after Nemesis.
  • Time and experience have changed the kind of man Picard is.
  • He may not be a captain anymore.


Oh, god, he’s painted himself orange and is wearing a “Make the Federation Great Again” hat. And he’s going to build a wall around the neutral zone and make the Romulans pay for it.



Obligatory demand for Q to appear. Every episode.


Picard and Q traveling the galaxy solving mysteries.


And Magneto!


If we’re going that route… Jackman cameo.



I’m hoping the cast Ian McKellan as Picard’s brother and it’s legit just the two of them hanging out in space being charming best friends.


Throw in Adrian Scarborough and Derek Jacobi as their friends.



I want Q to pop in for an episode.


That sounds kind of… Vicious.



Picard’s brother is dead unless you want to ignore Generations

Which isn’t necessarily a bad idea…


I honestly didn’t know he had a brother…


He appeared in the second episode of TNG series 4, Picard visited him while recovering from being assimilated. His nephew was played by the same actor who played de-aged Picard in Rascals.


And they both died in a fire offscreen in Generations.